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Why I left a good woman and became a player

Published November 15, 2013 in Game , Sex - 3 Comments

Keanu left a comment on my Humpday post, asking me to elaborate of the catalyst for my breakup with my ex-gf.

I started dating her again in my full blown blue pill days. We had dated as freshmen in high school, that whole first love nonsense. I had recently moved back from hawaii to be with a different girl on the mainland. less than 6 months after I moved home she dumped me because “I wasn’t christian enough” I guess all the handjobs she gave me made her feel bad.

So the ex and I started chatting on Facebook, learned we both had been dumped recently and set up a date. We went mini golfing. I stole her ball and told her she had to kiss me to get it back. She did. We went on a few more dates and we “official” again shortly. Fast forward two years later and I was going nowhere. School programs I wanted were wait-listed for years. Life in SoCal is expensive as fuck. So we started looking into other states. We ended up moving to Mesa,AZ. We found a one bedroom apartment for $600 a month. I got a job roofing, she worked at a bank. We were on the way to building a life together.

We moved out in august. By October I had started my journey to learning the truth. The world wasn’t 6000 years old. Evolution wasn’t a lie from Satan. My mind was blown wide open. I stumbled upon Game. Started reading everything I could. Realized I didn’t want kids any time soon. Didn’t want a mortgage and a sexless marriage that I saw in every marriage I looked at.

I stopped doing all the lovey dovey shit I used too. Once I got laid off, I had about 2 months living expenses saved up. So not being worried about paying rent, I took a solid week and just played Call of Duty all day. After waking up at 430am for the previous 3 months I felt I had earned a break.

She took my break as a sign of laziness, she thought I had no drive to be successful. So when I found an entrepreneurial opportunity to learn sales and be my own boss, she was less than thrilled.

Being my first sales job, I sucked at it. She was so unsupportive that when she’d come home from work, I wouldn’t tell her about all the people I had talked to that said no. It just looked like I had sat on my ass and played video games all day just because that’s what i’d be doing when she came home from work. When reality was that I would work, just not very successfully.

So the de-conversion from religion combined with the appearance of laziness drove a wedge between us. She was so negative about my venture and wanted me to get a regular job that I didn’t even tell her about my failures day in and day out.

One day she came home and said “I don’t think we should be together anymore”

“maybe we shouldn’t then” I said.

She had wanted to just bring up the discussion, I took it as a way out.

Once I decided to move out and go back home, she turned a 180. Started being nice again. We talked everything out about what went wrong. But in the end, I wanted to move home. We were still in love and talked about the possibilities of getting back together if I could make something of myself back home.

We kept in contact, I even drove out to spend the weekend with her in April, about 4 months after I had left. We had an awesome weekend, it was like we picked up where we left off.

On the drive out (7.5 hours) I had a thought that I should delete any texts I had from the girls I had been banging at home. I thought “nah she won’t go through my phone, i even have a password on it”

Wrong move jackass.

I guess she had spied on me while I put in my password, because I was in the shower and I heard her ask me “who’s Olivia?”

Olivia had sent me a text a few days ago telling me how much she enjoyed my sexual prowess.

This sent the Ex into a fury. She stormed off the the kitchen. I was in the bed. I heard the cupboard open and pots clang. She came back into the room with a fucking frying pan cocked over her head.

Screaming about how could I say the things I said to her while fucking other girls. She conveniently forgot about the dude she had been fucking. (an orbiter who i had known about from her work. I kept telling her he liked her, she said he’s just a friend, yet she fucked up right after I moved out)

She was inches away from beating me with that pan. I talked her down, teased her for being psycho and went back home to become the full blown player I am now.


The moral of the story is, don’t go back to a well that’s already dried up. Move onto to new wells.


Sploosh out.



keanu - November 16, 2013 Reply

So she gave you an out and you took it. Where did the manosphere/knowledge of the red pill factor in to this?

    Jsploosh - November 17, 2013 Reply

    I hadn’t found the sphere get really. I had just discovered reddit and about 3-4 weeks before the breakup I had started reading about game. At first it was just PUA stuff basically. Then expierence with women opened my eyes wider. Then I found the sphere this year.

Derrick Mills - November 1, 2014 Reply


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