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What’s your excuse?

Published October 29, 2013 in Discipline , Manosphere , Masculinity , Ramblings - 2 Comments

Good god. Another hamplanet who took offense to a hot mom.




Let’s take a look at her pathetic attempt to excuse away her fatness and tell us all why we should accept her disgusting body as “perfect”.

Like always, her hamstering is in bold.

My excuse is that I am one of the 95% of women who were not born into the body represented in American media.

Right outta the gate with the facepalm. She thinks that any woman portrayed by the media was just born with their body? A quick Google search reveals that you can find the workout routine for practically every in shape female celebrity alive. Said routines range from yoga and Pilates to cardio and even *gasp* LIFTING WEIGHTS!

The majority of us have figures that will never become what Maria’s can because of genetics. I spent a summer  in the gym for hours every day while following a restrictive diet and yes, I was smaller than I am now…

I find it impossible that she actually spent hours in the gym. But even still, she admits that she was smaller by working out and eating less. It’s almost as if she could keep getting smaller if she had the willpower to stick to a program. What a novel concept.

My excuse is that I was raised in a religion that wanted my body to be invisible. Because of this, I subconsciously created a body that wouldn’t attract attention. So yeah, that happened.

I’m sure it was your subconscious that decided to stop working out and keeping stuffing your fat fucking face all day.

My excuse is that I lived in an emotionally abusive household where I had no control. So I would eat to control at least one thing in my life. The only thing I could, really.

What a shitty excuse. My dad controlled my life so to spite him I became a porker.

My excuse is that I hate being at the gym. I don’t feel like I have access to weight machines and ellipticals like Maria wants me to.

What do your fat feelings have anything to do with whether or not you can join a gym and lift weights. Running on a treadmill for a few months doesn’t do shit for you when your 150 lbs overweight.

My excuse it that the majority of my life I grew up in a lower class home. Not only is cheap food mostly filler, but when there was an influx of sustenance, I celebrated by eating it ALL. Okay, maybe not all, but a lot. Again it comes down to control.

Boo fucking hoo. Oh no I grew up poor so if there was ever food I would binge eat cuz I have no self control. Bitch your fat would sustain you for over a year even if you stopped eating.

My excuse is that instead of doing Meth, I ate cookies. Time to drop some “I’m a mental health professional” knowledge on ya. See, I have this brain disorder where all the chemicals are fucked up on a fundamental level and it makes it hard to cope with difficult things like life. Again. Genetics. Almost 110% of the time when an imbalance exists, it must be countered by something else to ensure survival. Additionally 110% of the time it’s not diagnosed, the brain finds an way to take care of itself when chemicals and medication aren’t available.

You can’t deal with life so you eat cookies? You’re a mental health professional who uses 110%? 110% of the time isn’t a real fucking percent. Do you even math, bro?

My excuse is that I care more about feeling good than “looking good.” I’d rather eat healthy and move when I want; whatever that looks like for me. Not only do I hate the gym, but I also am more concerned with feeling awesome than shaping into what others think it should be. Too bad, so sad World. You’re not my priority. My fulfilling life is.

Again with your fucking feelings. You obviously don’t eat healthy or else you wouldn’t be such a disgusting fat fuck. You’re not fulfilling anything except all the fucking corners of your lard ass tummy.

My excuse is that I just don’t feel the need for an excuse. In my daily life, I don’t feel the need to defend, justify, or explain my body to anyone. I don’t feel the need to have all strangers approve of me, all Pintrest-ers admire me, or all potentials loverz attracted to me. I write to give others a voice and I allow my body to be what it is. I’ve learned to love it as so. This probably stops me from dieting and spending five hours at the gym every day, but you know what I’m doing instead? AWESOME SHIT THAT IS CHANGING THE WORLD. And I’m okay with that!

The 9 excuses you just wrote about directly contradict your feelings about not making excuses. Not a single person with an ounce of brains needs to spend 5 hours a day at the gym to get in shape. I lost 35 lbs of fat by working out for 1 hour a day 3-4 times a week. Please show me one example of all the awesome shit you’re doing that changes the world. Trying to get people to accept your body as beautiful goes against millions of years of biology and changes nothing.

I fully realize that there is nothing wrong with my body, and there is nothing wrong with hers. I am perfect; she is perfect, and when the end goal is happiness… the importance of body shape fades away, doesn’t it?

Wrong. Your body is nowhere near perfect. Your body is overweight, unhealty, will lead to your early grave and repulses most men. Maria kang’s body is fucking banging. The kind that sends blood rushing to men’s dicks. Yours makes mine shrivel worse than jumping into a sub freezing lake.


In summary. Your body is bad. You should feel bad. Shame on you for vilifying a mom who works harder than you, is more disciplined than you, is more attractive than you and definitely has better sex than you.


Fuck off fattie.


doyouevenbro? - November 1, 2013 Reply

Ughh fat ppl r the worst

Aquarius Moon - July 8, 2015 Reply

Too egoistic. She thinks everything is about her. Zzzzzzzzz.

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