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What Do You Want To Read?

Published May 7, 2014 in Manosphere - 6 Comments

If you check my blog with any regularity you may have noticed a few things.

I haven’t been posting much. No excuses. I just haven’t had much to say. It’s been much harder than I imagined to settle into a routine now that I quit my day job. I’ve been working on a side project that I hope will turn into my main project. I’ve also been doing way to much of fun reading. Reading shit online that I know doesn’t apply to my life. Just to pass the time. But I’m not a wage slave anymore so WTF am I doing just passing time. Makes no sense.

I tweaked the theme. I’m not happy with it yet and will continue to tweak.

I went on a mushroom inspired conspiracy theory bent. Going deeper down the rabbit hole. But what’s the point? I know the game is rigged. Even if every fringe theory I read about is 100% fact (which they sure as fuck aren’t) how would it make my life better? I can’t control the puppet masters of society. I can only cut my own strings so they can’t control me. If I truly believe create our own reality, then I need to re-think how I want mine to look.

I’m not going out 4 days a week anymore. I moved Kait into my pad after the Manosphere Mardi Gras Meet Up Of Mass Destruction. But I’m 1 notch away from 50. At which point I’ll stop counting. I’ll admit I’m getting a little rusty. It’s been over two months since my last new notch and I’ve had 3 or 4 cases of LMR that I couldn’t beat. Had them back at my apartment, some clothes off, but not able to close. I think that has a bit to do with how much Kait worships my cock. I meet new girls and I just don’t give a shit about getting to know them and it’s obvious that I don’t care about them I just want to bang.

I wiped my phone. I loaded over 7GB of text messages onto my computer, wiped all my apps and reformatted. Deleted my tinder, twitter, okcupid apps. That is also the reason I haven’t been tweeting as much.

So with all that in mind. I have a question for all the 2 or 3 readers of my site.

What do you want to read? 

I’ve never been a “need to post every day to get clicks” blogger. But at the same time, now that this is my day job, I need to be more productive. I can write just for myself as a log of my daily shit. But I don’t think it’s what you want to read.

If I were to go by my page views, I need to write more on sexual dominance. No other post of mine comes close to matching it. Maybe I’ll need to start talking my posts out then transcribing them. Since that is how I made that post. But there is only so many ways you can talk about how to manhandle a woman. I may start a series on Bondage. Mostly for my own practice.

I have some podcasts stewing around in my brain that I need to get out. The main one I want to drop is a series recounting the tales of the craziest bitch I’ve ever known. Ever cliche you can think of about the downfall of modern women, she fit. Fake blonde hair, a bad boob job, terrible tattoos, cuckolding her beta bux boyfriend by banging her drug dealing bad boy’s when he’d be out of town, massive mental issues, weekly screaming matches at 4am, threats to “send her goons after” my roommate and I and the grande finale, stabbing her beta boyfriend in the fucking back. Literally.

I’m going to add a contact page to answer personal questions. But if you have any quick ones give me a shout at

So please feel free to ask me anything. I’ll do my best to reply or make a post of you question if it merits one.

Or if you have any suggestions for a post you want to read, feel free, I’m all ears.





What Do You Want To Read? | - May 7, 2014 Reply

[…] What Do You Want To Read? […]

Trouble.Maker - May 7, 2014 Reply

Dude, it’s good you’re finally admitting that maybe it isn’t as easy as you thought. With that being said, you are underestimating yourself. As long as your “daily log of shit” is put in a digestible, 500-700 word count post, then it may actually be great – because many people are aiming for the work independence you currently have, and it is good to see your experiences; whether they be a struggle or not. It also has the double edged sword of keeping you accountable, knowing that you need to do some productive shit to put on the blog – because people don’t want to read how you spent 3 hours taking a shit and then 4 hours reading Reddit. Talk about your gym progress, try different self-motivation tactics, etc.

Also, as far as your layout – I’d kill the photos sidebar and make sure that the blogroll/links is on every page.

    Jsploosh - May 7, 2014 Reply

    Thanks dude ill take it all into consideration.

    As far as the photo sidebar that came with the theme and i havent taken it off yet but will.

00 - May 7, 2014 Reply

Thanks for writing, I was able relate to this post. I’m quite interested in hearing your progress following quitting your day job, maybe write more frequently about this. I expect it will be motivating for you. Anyway, I’ve always managed to accomplish a lot of reading, web research, etc. in my spare time on top of working a very full and productive career in the corporate world. A while back I took a long sabbatical from work with expectations that I would be far more productive with my interests outside of work and they would lead me down a different path in life. I found that the extra time did free me to put a lot more time into my interests, but what I lost was that sense of urgency, the sense that my free time was scarce so I’d better make the best use of it. In the end I returned to the corporate world, and since then I’ve talked to others with similar experiences. I plan to give it another go at some point, but I’d like to have confidence that I can make better use of my time. I’m still concerned about the number of weekends I have that I go into expecting certain accomplishments, and by the end time has evaporated without much productive to show for it. Your post reminded me of this quote from the movie “About A Boy” in which Hugh Grant played a guy who had never worked a job in his life, living off the royalties of a song his father produced – seems like good advice…

“I find the key is to think of a day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than thirty minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath: one unit, watching countdown: one unit, web-based research: two units, exercising: three units, having my hair carefully disheveled: four units. It’s amazing how the day fills up, and I often wonder, to be absolutely honest, if I’d ever have time for a job; how do people cram them in?”

    Jsploosh - May 8, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for the comment. I will definitely keep posting on my progress as I. I know exactly what you mean about the sense of urgency. I’ll get in a zone where I’m productive as fuck for hours, then I’ll have days where i’m not at all. I like The units idea. I’ve been using an egg timer to block out 25 minutes at a time it’s been helping.

    It comes down to self discipline and just straight up getting shit done. So I’ll keep going and keep you all posted.

Anon - May 8, 2014 Reply

Penis enhancement

The Neanderthal/Melon theories


Mental toughness

Smart drugs

That’s all I can think of for now!

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