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Virginity Stories Week

Published November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized - 5 Comments

LaidNYC has put the call out for stories of how we lost it. Lucky Lothario got the ball rolling and i’m picking up the baton now.  My first time was actually pretty special to me. My first kiss was at six flags magic mountain when i was 14. First time i got it in was at 21 with the same girl. No we weren’t together for 7 years before I struck gold. We dated for 9 months as 14 year olds then got back together at 21 after both being dumped by our respective SO’s in the same month. 2 months after we got back together we were at a party. Staying the night at her best friends. I got white girl wasted and ending up puking around 1230. After the water works we had a drunk discussion about if we should bang or not. Being the good little church kids we were, we had been saving ourselves for marriage. To this day the only V-card i’ve taken.


Long story short. The next time we had our planned morning date (we both lived at home and with work/school we typically had 1-2 days a week where her house was empty.) I showed up with a pack of condoms. She seem surprised I actually brought them and thought we were just drunkenly BSing. Nope. I had 21 years of fapping to get over, i was sick of fucking myself.


If you could construct your perfect way to deflower yourself and your girl, it would be that time. She was comfortable, we took a shower together then moved to her bed. We were in love. It was passionate. Lasted about 20 minutes. I was surprised there, I thought for sure i’d be a two pump chump. I had finally entered the promised land. It felt like home. Warm, tight, soft, fuck she was hot. 5’2. blonde. Tiny. Small tits with an ass for days. Sex instantly became my favorite activity. I wasn’t the sex god I am now, but i wasn’t getting sex so i didn’t care. I honestly thought that I would be with her and only her for the rest of my life. So naive.


Coming soon: the second girl I ever fucked who changed the entire course of my sex life.


LaidNYC - November 1, 2013 Reply

Great story. Well-written, and now I want to know what happened with the 5’2” blond with ass for days.

    Jsploosh - November 1, 2013 Reply

    She would have made a great wife and mother. I was too beta to have a healthy relationship though. The beginning of the end of our relationship was when I was laid off from my job (roofing for 80 hours a week in the Arizona desert) and she started to freak out that i would be a deadbeat. I had recently told her i didn’t believe in god anymore and wasn’t sure if kids were for me. She said i wasn’t the man she feel in love with. I was sick of doing all the beta puppy love shit that i had been the entire relationship. So i just left. Moved back to California into my dads garage. Overweight, broke but on a mission to make up for lost time. Took me less than a month and i had already banged 4 women. The chains were broken and no women will ever tie me down again.

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Get laid first time - November 25, 2013 Reply

Nice and honest story, and for 1st time 20 minutes is just great!

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