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Tucker Max Is A Liar

Published March 18, 2014 in Manosphere - 14 Comments

Just when you thought the manosphere had had enough drama for one week, Tucker Max joins the fray. Tucker Max is launching a new site called The Mating Grounds and he has some bold claims about his content. But Tucker Max is a liar. Go read Danger and Play’s takedown of Geoffrey Miller and then LaidNYC’s call out of this nonsense and then Uncle Mitch weighs in on the shenanigans  and Matt Forney tweets a history lesson from the great Maddox. All of them stated it better than I ever could but i’ll recap.

MatingGrounds is the brainchild of NY Times bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller. The information and advice they offer will be unlike any other resource available on the subject; it will be grounded in the most recent breakthroughs in evolutionary psychology, human sexuality, behavior genetics, and animal communication, presented through the lens of personal experience and actionable tips.

Tucker “Well of course not, my books are just funny stories about the really stupid, ridiculous things I’ve done. Why do they think they’re advice???”
Geoff “Well, they’re all 14-20, and your writing is the only frank and honest thing they’ve ever read on sex and dating. There is nothing else that talks about these issues the way you do. In the absence of that, they use what they have, and they take your books as advice.”
Tucker “That’s fucking stupid, it’s not designed as advice! There must be something that explains sex and dating in a clear, informational way.”
Geoff “I have looked, quite extensively, for a book or something that honestly and frankly addresses the entire spectrum of sex, dating, women and relationships, especially for men. I have never found one. I have to spend hours answering their very basic questions about these issues.”
Tucker “No fucking way. This has to exist.”
Geoff “It doesn’t. I’ve looked.”

Tucker spent the next 30 minutes on his phone, scouring the Internet. Geoff was right. There was nothing. This was a hole in the market so big, it was hard to see unless you stood far enough back.


Straight up horse shit. No if’s and’s or but’s. Tucker Max is a liar.

Geoffrey Miller FOLLOWED DANGER AND PLAY ON TWITTER. Even hitting “favorite” on a few of his tweets. So for them to claim  that they’ve “never found anything” about this kind of info is a flat out lie.

And if Tucker Max really spent 30 minutes “scouring the internet” and found nothing, then he is the worlds worst googler or Tucker Max is a liar.

So Tucker, here’s a short list of books meant to teach men about the true nature of women and what it takes to be a man. This isn’t even half of the books published by various Manosphere writers.

Male Health Protocol & Testosterone Black Book by Pill Scout

The Rational Male By Rollo Tomasi

The Way of Men By Jack Donovan

Red Pill Orgasm By Half-Breed

The Alpha Playboy By Christian McQueen

30 Day’s of Discipline by Victor Pride

Bang: More Lays In 60 Days by Roosh V 


And this shit is just off the top of my head. I’m not even going to get into the scientific posts that LaidNYC linked to on his blog. Or all of the times that Heartiste is light-years ahead of scientific research. Go over there and read them Tucker. Go read Danger & Play putting your PHD puppy on blast for being a mangina who needs a baby sitter to do his work.

No one is saying that you can’t rebrand our topics and use your fame to make some dough. But have some fucking integrity and admit that the information is out there and has been for years. Don’t play naive and think that everything you touch is pure original content. That’s just a lie.

So until you admit it, i’ll keep saying it.

Tucker Max is a liar.




Tucker Max Is A Liar | - March 18, 2014 Reply

[…] Tucker Max Is A Liar […]

Halfbreed - March 18, 2014 Reply

Not cool.

But, thanks for the link, man.

Mimic - March 18, 2014 Reply

Whatever happened to this oath you swore on?

    Jsploosh - March 18, 2014 Reply

    That was a “I’m not going to waste time bashing feminists” oath. This is different.

Critical mass has been reached.Apocalypse Cometh - March 18, 2014 Reply

[…] Tucker Max is a liar […]

Scesci - March 19, 2014 Reply

This coincided perfectly with the vivalamanosphere incident, this is a very valid concern

MikeCF describes this very eloquently

“Belonging to a community means picking up the litter, painting over the graffiti. If fraudulent men come to your community, call them out.”

But please don’t be effortless in pointing out the good references, you wrote “And this shit is just off the top of my head”.
Data curation is required in events like these

    Jsploosh - March 19, 2014 Reply

    Agreed, I will be updating the post as I get more data. LaidNYC also posted a bunch of solid links which is why I said go see his post.

      Dr. Illusion - March 19, 2014 Reply

      Aww man, now I’m gonna have to write a full takedown as well so we can keep his new site off the front page of Google.

      Plus, I’m really good at this sort of thing.

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Mike - June 22, 2014 Reply

Those books you listed look like the most manipulative, substanceless garbage that appeal to the most desperate of guys out there. It’s all the same bullshit like those PUA sites, just repackaged.
Dude that shit sounds awful and the stuff tucker is doing sounds way more authentic and genuine than any of the trash you listed.

    Jsploosh - June 23, 2014 Reply

    Have you read any of them? and which “PUA” sites do you think they repackage the same bullshit from?

    You’ll have to try a little better if you want to troll me on my own site.

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