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The Tinder Template By Masculine Profiles

Published February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized - 1 Comment

Whether you’re an OKCupid fan or a Tinder fan, the manosphere has all the bases covered.

The debut E-Book The Tinder Template from one of the online dating experts in our little corner of the internet, Masculine Profiles.

The Tinder TemplateFour hours after readingĀ The Tinder Template and applying a couple tweaks earned from it, 10 matches and a bunch of messages later I had 3 numbers and one girl on the way to meet Kaitlyn and I for a drink.

The girl didn’t end up working out but the tips sure as hell got her out in person which is the entire point of online dating.

If you buy The Tinder Template and do the same, it won’t be long before you have more dates lined up than days in the week.

He has tips on everything from the perfect profiles, messaging, closing and most importantly, how to get a girl out in person.

You won’t be disappointed. Click on the book to check out the info page and happy hunting.

You can check out his blog or follow him on twitter for more