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SplooshCast Episode 2: The Moistening

Published February 11, 2014 in SplooshCast - 0 Comments

I told Lucky that we should plan for 30 minutes and cap it at 40. We cut the SplooshCast at 39:15.  Brilliant.

Topics we hit on:

  • Blue Pill Lucky/ Red Pill Lucky
  • Lucky tours the Sphere
  • Physic’s Game
  • Lucky’s Nan
  • Usa ladies vs Uk Lassies
  • Going home with strangers

Big shout outs to Danger and Play for sweeping Lucky off his feet and ravaging him properly. Uncle Mitch and Danny for the kick ass time we’re going to have at the #MMGMUOMD, Nada for having a tight butthole. Judge Miller for giving Lucky the tingles. Trouble Maker for making us Eskimo Brothers. If you’re not following us all on Twitter you’re missing out.



We kept it short, under 40 minutes. We definitely are going to have a part 2 where we get into a few more of Lucky’s adventures through the manosphere, including getting a drink thrown in his face, smoking weed with a hot ASU hippie and gaming strippers. Stay tuned.


Sploosh out.


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