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SplooshCast Episode 1.

Published February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

I’ve been noddling on a podcast for a while now. Just thinking about it from every angle, myriad reasons to put it off. No more.  I personally would rather talk about this shit than write about it. I like telling stories and I’m able to stay on task much easier than with writing.

Went on The Donlak Show last night. Had a fucking blast with Donlak and Becky. Becky is just an adorable bunny hopping around distracting everything with her joy. She’s the tangent Queen but that’s why we love her.  Donlak had a bit about Hatefucking that literally had me in tears on the show. Go listen it was a blast.

I also was inspired by Bold and Determine’s Pridecast and he talked about “just doing the work”. So no more talking about it, time to be about it.

We recorded our own right after we got done with The Donlak Show,  so without further adieu, episode one of the SplooshCast.



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