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SplooshCast 3: Tyler Vin On Open Relationships, Suiting Up And Frame Control.

Published March 22, 2014 in Fitness , Game , Open Relationships , SplooshCast - 6 Comments

I was finally able to pin down Tyler Vin long enough for a podcast. We had a blast for 47 minutes talking about our open relationships, the benefits of suiting up and how it affects frame control.

2:30 – Christian has a through guide for prepping for the night

 4:13 – Differences in attraction wearing a suit or hoodie.  

6:50 – That Makes Me Moist


8:00 – Suiting up at work, reactions from men. Respect or jealousy

10:20 Our similar religious upbringings. The effects of sexual shaming from the church. Making up for lost time once you break the shackles.

15:30 – Open relationships. Logistics of being married vs bachelor life.  Twitter Questions.

 24:00 – Experimenting with a wedding ring or without.

27:00 – Tyler gets a stalker. I asked what his craziest story was. Does not disappoint.

 31:00 – Logistics while in open relationships. 

33:45 – Plans for summer, goals and a challenge gets thrown. 

35:00 – Health & Wealth. HIT Training from Danger & Play. Eugene Sandow’s System of Physical Training. It’s not about lifting weights it’s about using your muscle efficiently and intensively. 

43:00 – Shredded by Summer Challenge. Before & After Pics, see who can shred the most by 4/20.  

44:30- I take Danger & Play’s advice about the ECA stack of L-Tyrosine , Yohimbine HCL & Caffeine to get as shredded as I can in 1 month. 

46:00 – Doc Illusion In Purple Pants. 


Did we leave anything out ? Need part 2 on open relationships? Let us know below and we’ll answer as best we can.






SplooshCast 3: Tyler Vin On Open Relationships, Suiting Up And Frame Control. | - March 22, 2014 Reply

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Keanu - March 26, 2014 Reply

Sup Sploosh,

Count me in on the challenge. I need to step up my game. Selfies posted:

    Jsploosh - March 26, 2014 Reply

    hell ya bro.

      Keanu - April 21, 2014 Reply

      How are you doing on the challenge?

      I’ve gotten up to 187 from about 179 and been lifting pretty regularly. I’d be down to wrap up this contest now, but I think we should extend the shredded by summer deadline to June 1. For me that’s always been the official first day of summer.

      Bench 225×2. (want to get those two plates on each side baby!)
      Squat 225×5.
      Weigh 195. Need the mass first before scuplting it out of clay.

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