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How To Sexually Dominate A Woman: Part 3

Published August 5, 2014 in Manosphere , Masculinity , Sex - 2 Comments
[If you haven’t read part 1, or part 2, I suggest you do so. After the Sexual Dominance series,  my book can be purchased here, enjoy]

Why would you work so hard to fuck a girl one night only to give her a mediocre performance and just be added to the collage of cocks that’s she has filed away in her brain. You need to come in there guns blazing, break into the vault and smash all the other images in her memory of every other cock she’s ever had. You need to do it with force and you take no prisoners and you obliterate all records of previous inhabitants. You know, you lay waste to the civilization. When Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan conquered a new city, they didn’t let the men survive. No, they raped the women, they murdered all the men and they assimilated them into their own culture. They left no trace of the civilization that the y conquered. that’s the same way you have to look at it, you have to conquer her pussy. You have to fully sexually dominate your woman.

I can literally make Kaitlyn orgasm within 20 seconds from walking in the door. Last night I made her cum from kissing her. Literally just licking and kissing her lips and she had an orgasm from that. I’ve made her come purely from nipple simulation. I’ve made her cum without even touching her clit. Because she’s so rewired to my touch, my fingertips are electric to her. I’ve almost made her cum by looking at her and flicking my tongue over my lips mimicking that stupid douche-y putting a V up to your lips and pretending you’re eating pussy. I did it without the fingers over my lips of course. But as soon as I did that she is instantly brought back to all of the feelings that she feels when I’m making her orgasm. It’s a very, very powerful tool to be able to exert sexual dominance. It is, in my opinion, the most important tool to making a woman fall for you, to stick around, to not want to fuck anyone else, to be OK with you fucking other girls and her not. Because it takes skill to work up to the level. I wasn’t always that good in bed, it takes practice and I learnt how to do that.

And that’s how I trained Katilyn. She’d had more than her fair share of fun in college. She’d had a FWB who would let her fuck his friends in MMF threesomes and we’ve gotten into discussions about that. I asked her why she would do that, why would you let him just pass you around like that? She was like, “Because they were hotter than him.” You know, I can’t blame her for that. If any dude’s girlfriend said he could fuck another girl he would do it. I might not agree with it, it might make me cringe at the thought of her getting the train ran on her by her fucking faggot ass beta fuck buddy from college. But that doesn’t have anything to do with me. It doesn’t have anything to do with her feelings for me. It doesn’t have anything to do with our current relationship. It’s not an indicator of any future desires for her to get fucker by two dudes again and she’s completely submitted to me and my dominance. That’s how it has to be in order to maintain your frame. Because if you’re not  sexually dominant, then you’re woman’s going to walk all over you. And if you can’t satisfy your woman sexually then she’s going to look for it somewhere else. That’s my core belief and my strongest point of game, my ability to sexually dominate. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some guys want to brag about how they never go down on a woman or how they don’t give a shit if she gets off. That’s how you become a one night stand only machine. You can’t get repeat business if you don’t have women missing your dick.

If you’re not getting laid and you masturbate too much, you can practice while you masturbate. I’m not saying quit entirely, you can practice edging. you can practice your kegals. I can be literally right on the point of no return and I can return. I can just flex my cock and basically stop the orgasm in it’s tracks. Now when I do cum I can feel it coming about thirty seconds before it happens. I can feel the energy transferring through my reproductive system and I can feel that it’s about to cum. Ron Jeremy is famous for being able to count down to when his orgasm is going to happen and I’ve literally done that to girls. It’s funny to see the reaction on their face when it happens. I have a level of sexual control that you don’t get by accident. You have to consciously work at it. Just like anything in life: game, fitness, money. If you’re not consciously working at it then you’re being a slave to your habits, your impulses and you upbringing.

As men of the Manosphere, we are constantly trying to become better than our environment, than our upbringing, than our biology. That’s the reason we work out, that’s the reason we learn game, that’s the reason we take supplements and dabble in nootropics. We want to better than we are now and part of that is sexual dominance. Go buy Red Pill Orgasm so you can learn it, live it, own it and make some girls go Sploosh.

If you want to learn the frame to get with your sex god moves, buy my new book Red Pill Dominance, where I lay out my experiences from the last two and a half years of perfecting my dominance of my woman.


[This is Part 3 of 3 in my series on Sexual Dominance leading up to my debut E-book, Red Pill Dominance, available now]





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