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Red Pill Orgasm Review

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I read this book awhile ago but I never gave it it’s own review because I had it linked through my How To Sexually Dominate A Woman post. It’s my best SEO-juiced post and probably the main reason I’m lazy with my blog because I still get affiliate income from selling Red Pill Orgasm because its a great book, a great product and I gave a natural plug for it through those posts. So without further adieu here is my official:

Red Pill Orgasm Review 

I think Red Pill Orgasm is a must have for anyone starting out in their journey of game. It really lays out and ties in the technical aspects of sexual dominance, orgasm, oral, anal, energy, breath work, edging, making yourself last longer, etc.

At the point I first read it, I had already been with over 45 women. It’s obvious to me when someone else writes from experience because I had learned most of these things through experience and random googling. I can vouch for this book, it will make your sex game skyrocket. But for me it was kind of, it wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t as captivating as a personal story to me. And its great at the technical aspects, but I already knew the mechanics. Which is a reflection of my game, not the quality of the book, so if you’re a newbie or have a girlfriend and a mediocre sex life, you need this book because it will change that.

It was a major inspiration for me writing Red Pill Dominance because I wanted to expand on the technical, get into the mindset, the ins and outs of handling break downs, how to handle “the talk” for guys who wanted to get out of the catch and release game and evolve.

Yin and yang. Balance must exist in order for you to thrive. Combine the technical aspects of Red Pill Orgasm with the theoretical/personal side of Red Pill Dominance and you can fully complete your repertoire of moves to become a truly dominate male.

It also made Kailtyn wet so you know its a legit.

We’re just two guys finding out path and sharing the light.

Support us both and help us to bring you even more in depth content in the future.

You can buy Red Pill Orgasm here

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