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Red Pill Dominance Reviews

Published August 7, 2014 in Game , Manosphere , Sex - 2 Comments

I put out some copies of my book, Red Pill Dominance, for free to bloggers and my subscribers this week. Been getting a few comments back so far. The first came from a reader named Danny who gave me permission to post his email to me about his thoughts. Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond Danny.

I’ve been immersed in the Red Pill/Manosphere for almost a year now and can say without a doubt that your book has been one of the best things I’ve ever read.  It was a fresh perspective on Red Pill principles in that it’s more geared towards ‘relationship game’ and what a healthy Red Pill relationship should look like.  While a long term relationship isn’t on my radar at the moment,  after reading your book I can safely say that I feel more confident possibly pursuing one should the situation arise.  I wish I had this information years ago but better late than never.
I’m at the age now where even though I’m young, it’s almost expected of me to be thinking about settling down/marriage and while I’ve managed to escape society’s pressure to conform, some of my friends have not and have decided to take the plunge.   Now while I do try and be supportive, I almost wish that I could lock them in a room and force them to read your book because I know deep deep down they are not happy with their controlling wives/fiances and it saddens me that that’s what their lives have devolved to.  This would be a great kick in the pants to properly shift the dynamic.  If advice is sought, believe me that I will be sure to point them in the direction of your book.  I appreciate the hard work and hope to continue to see more of your writing in the future.
Best regards,
Danny D
DCLLive also wrote a review post over on his blog that I’ll highlight from here:

Throughout the book Jeremy, unapologetically, uses examples from his own life with his girlfriend Kaitlyn to emphasize the importance of Red Pill Dominance.

He suggests that properly handling Shit Tests and Leading Woman are the foundations of maintaining strong frame. The “Oak Tree and Squirrel” example is a great metaphor for leading and being the ‘rock’ for a woman.

The concept of Punishment and Reward is very intriguing to me. Personally, I have found this concept throughout the manosphere, to be the most beneficial when it comes to collecting the tools I need to feel comfortable when dealing with women’s questionable behavior.

I always knew that I needed boundaries when it came to relationships but I was never really sure what mine where or how I would go about establishing them. I did not realize that something so simple as my time would be so important to a woman that likes me.

Now, here Jeremy starts going into deeper and more sexually inspired writing about him and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Sexual punishment is something that is completely foreign to me. The spanking story was intense but entertaining.

I will admit I need more work and experience when I comes to overwhelmingly dominating a woman in bed. Also, another thing that I would like to get more comfortable with is Verbal Dominance.

Verbal Dominance comes in the form of: talking dirty, giving orders and basically leading her in many situations in life. I love dirty talk and I want to get better at it. He also provides some good examples of what to say while having sex. However, Jeremy mentions it is not so much what you say as much as it is the way you say it.

He also covers Verbal Dominance outside of the bedroom which I felt to be most beneficial, to me.

With such books like,”Red Pill Dominance” by Jeremy Sploosh, a recovering beta – like myself – should have no excuse not to go out in the world and fail, learn and then eventually succeed with women and with every other aspect of a their lives.

Thanks DCL, I appreciate you taking the time to write down your thoughts.

I also had my first sale today. Which was a huge monkey off my back, my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t sell a single book.If I can sell one, I can sell a thousand, in theory at least.  But that’s not in my control so I can’t worry about it any more.

I’ll be updating this page as hopefully more reviews come through, if you want to support my work then by all means, grab a copy of my book here



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