Life is a game and then you die. Make the most of it.


SplooshWorld Podcasts


I’ve come to learn that I prefer talking over writing. So i’ve begun to record podcasts. In future podcasts I’ll be discussing everything from travel, fitness, sex, food, misadventures, making money online, meditation, psychedelics, helpful tips to living a life of happiness, Red Pill Truths,  as well and podcasts with some of your favorite manosphere writers and many others


You can Subscribe on Soundcloud, tell your friends, maybe not your parents.

I plan on being on iTunes shortly so stay tuned for that.


Available Podcasts:

Open Relationships, religious upbringing, suiting up with Tyler Vin. 

Lucky Lothario’s American Manosphere tour, what he was like as a blue piller, etc with the aways dashing Lucky Lothario.