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Please Allow Me To Reintroduce My Self

Published May 22, 2014 in Positivity - 4 Comments


We’ve all been bitched slapped by life. Some more than others. Some might only get a love tap on the wrist. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

My mom passed away from a car accident when I was 17. She was the guiding influence from the second I entered this world till the second she left. She had created a world of love that i’ve never known since. I still remember the moment I saw my dad walking back from the room, the look on his face as the tears streamed down and he said to me “she’s gone Jeremy”. My reality was shattered. I had always believe in a god who cared, who answered prayers and looked out for his faithful. My mom was the perfect disciple for christ. She homeschool my 3 brothers and I, instilling in us a sense of responsibility, integrity and love. No matter where we had lived, our house had always become the neighborhood kids go-to hang out spot. She taught me not only to how to read, but how to love reading. She would bribe us with a penny per page for any book over 20 years old. I don’t think she every paid up but that wasn’t the point.

Yet here I was, all the praying in the world didn’t save my mom after her F-250 hit a patch of ice and rolled down the side of the winding Arizona road. I felt abandoned by everything I had held dearest to my heart,  my mom and my god. The two biggest influences on my life up to that point.

Looking back, the lesson I’ve taken away from life’s biggest bitch slap is that I must find my own path. Parents and religion are two of the biggest things holding people back from finding their true purpose. You cannot live your life in fear of an angry god from a 2000 year old book that has been manipulated throughout the ages. You cannot live your life in order to please your parents. You must remember your true purpose.

The list could go on. But this isn’t a whining post. Its a post to show you that life is a cruel mistress if you let her be. I refused to let her. Because no matter how hard life has hit me, I’ve gotten up each time.

Some hits keep you down longer than others. But each one is a test. In every failure is a lesson. In every life a purpose.

My mom’s death, combined with my first taste of freedom when I moved to Hawaii at 19, started me down the road to awakening. At that time I still had a faith, but it was waning. The more I saw how ‘christians’ would treat each other, the gossip, the judgement, the hypocrisy, the more I wanted out. Then the rabbit hole found me. The deeper I went the greater the truth became. Just because organized religion has been bastardized for the control of humanity doesn’t mean there is nothing after this life.

I’ve seen the other side. Felt the oneness of creation. Known beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all eternal souls incarnated into a temporary physical world in order to experience the journey of relearning ourselves.

We are equal parts creator and creation. We all have the power to manifest our thoughts from the ether into the physical world we call reality. Don’t ever take my word alone. The internet is full of lies, propaganda, disinformation, hatred and filth. You must sift through to separate the gold from the dirt. As with all information, it must pass your own personal intuition before you should act upon it.

People used to sleep on big decisions because they were aware of the power of the subconscious. Your dreams are not meant to be ignored. They have spent decades and billions of dollars to stifle our creative power. They’ve drugged us into oblivion, disconnected us from nature, divided brother and brother and practically conquered the planet.

But just because things have always been this way doesn’t mean they always will.



As you enter into this memorial day weekend. Open your eyes to the illusions. All it takes for us to stop the useless wars, the endless debt and the avalanche of misinformation is enough people to stand up and say ENOUGH!

Focus on the infinite love of the universe. Tune your thoughts to the positive and watch the world change.

Me personally, I’m going to Joshua Tree National Forest to camp, reconnect with nature and watch the new meteor shower tomorrow night/saturday morning.

I’ll be bring my new HD Video Camera so I’ll make some nature talks about some hippie shit and hopefully be able to film some epic meteors. I might lose some of the keyboard jockeys who only want to live vicariously through a dude who used to write about banging bitches. But I’m past that stage of my life. I’m about tuning into the infinite to remember my purpose.








Davis M.J. Aurini - May 23, 2014 Reply

I’m curious about what sort of results you’ll get with night-filming; I hope you write something about that.

Also, if there are trees in the foreground, you might want to switch on manual-zoom.

    Jsploosh - May 23, 2014 Reply

    Im curious too. My video camera has a time lapse setting that i may try out if i cant get decent video of them. Most of the joshua trees arent very tall so they wont be blocking the skyline.

Lupe Bogi - May 25, 2014 Reply

Good post. You shouldn’t be worried about those keyboard jockeys anyway. Being a strong (male) individual ain’t all about how much holes you’ve destroyed. You’re moving in the right direction imo.

Mimic - May 28, 2014 Reply

I never know about your past and why you had such a negative view on Christianity until this post. What branch of Christianity were you bought up from if I may ask?

If I also may ask, are you happy/peaceful the way you are now?

Pray your life goes well, whatever path you decide to carve.

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