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No Feelings November: 1 Month to glory

Stop. Making. Excuses. Excuses are for quitters, whiners, bums, and losers. Winners make a plan and follow it no matter the circumstances. So this is my plan. My mantra. My anthem.


For the entire month of November I will give everything I have into my projects. Racing to the finish of the year to build up momentum for 2014. Too many people think they’ll just slack off and wait till January 1st rolls around and they’ll be committed to their new years resolutions. But in reality they’ll just stick with them until they don’t FEEL like sticking to them. I’m removing feelings from my actions. My feelings aren’t the decision makers for my life. I don’t care if i FEEL tired in the morning, or FEEL cold and FEEL the warmth of my bed. I’m still getting up at 5am because I have too many things to accomplish and not enough time in the day. A man does what he doesn’t feel like doing because he knows that it’s what he needs to do.


  1. Out of bed at 5am.
  2. 100 pushups
  3. Cold shower
  4. Blog post a day
  5. Fill my three mini books (fitness, text/game, novel)
  6. Implement software systems in VP biz.
  7. $5000 in commission at day job
  8. No fast food.
  9. Strict my fitness pal.
  10. No unnecessary spending

No matter how I feel I will be working towards these goals ever day.
What are your goals for the next two months?




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