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My New Fitness Routine

Published April 9, 2014 in Fitness - 4 Comments

I’ve been tweaking and trying different workouts since I starting over 2 years ago. I doubt I’ll ever find the “perfect” one because I get bored and like to mix things up. My new fitness routine comes from a variety of sources, personal experience and some brand new information.

On the recommendation of Danger & Play I went and got my blood tested.

The most relevant stats to me are my Glucose is High at 108 mg/dl when the reference range is 65-99 mg/dl. So not super out of range, but I did some googling and found out I’m in the pre-diabeetus levels. 100-125 is pre-diabeetus and 126 is flown blown type 2. I have no clue on how fast I can raise or lower that number. Or how much my broken wrist and subsequent 9 weeks off from an actual work out have to do with it.

My Testosterone level is 495 ng/dl. Out of a range of 348-1197.  Low as shit. I’ve always had a bit a fat around my lower back/stomach/ass and I’ve also always had a massive sweet tooth. To correct that now that I can work out again, I’ll be cutting out carbs 6 days a week with a one day refeed. Fats and proteins from here on out till i’m shredded and I’ll retest my levels then.

As for the actual work out, I’ll be doing a little combination between HIT training on machines, again based off the Danger & Play Podcast with Markus Reinhardt, and a bit of light dumbbell work based of Eugene Sandow’s methods of training. I just finished his book Sandow’s System and the dude is my new hero. A short list of his exploits.

Sandow Fitness Routine

  • Broke every outdoor weight lifting machine in the city, 3 different times, the cops thought it was a gang of 15 men and didn’t believe him when they finally caught him. Became the local legend.
  • beat the shit out of a french prince who didn’t listen when Sandow told him in french that it would be better for him if he were quiet. French dude punches him in the face, Sandow says calmly that it would be perilous to strike him again. Frenchie does, breaks sandow’s noise, so sandow goes on a less than 1 minute rampage and puts the dude in the hospital for 2 weeks.
  • Two men stole over 2000 lbs of his precious jewels. He didn’t call the cops but staked out the town for 2 days till he found the thieves. He sneaked up, grabbed them both by the collar then banged them together till they were unconscious.

He talks a lot about breathing correctly, using will power to move the muscles, it’s not so much about the weight you lift but the energy you are able to summon into your muscle.  What the modern guru’s will call the mind muscle connection.

I won’t have a specific routine or set of things I need to do every day. I’ll track everything I do so I can make adjustments as I go, but I’m going to find what works best for me.

I’ll still also be doing deadlifts, ohp and squats. And I might through in some of the more old timey ground to overhead lifts that Sandow performed nightly.

I have 12 day’s till I have to post my progress pics on the friendly contest with Tyler and Keanu. So stay tuned to see what happens.

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My New Fitness Routine | - April 9, 2014 Reply

[…] My New Fitness Routine […]

Joe G - April 12, 2014 Reply

I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 9 years old (33 now).

My normal bloodsugar ranges are anywhere from 60-130. Your bloodsugar reading at 108 isn’t a big deal bud.

This is how it works … your pancreas releases Beta cells into your blood when you have excess sugars in your body. Those Beta cells release insulin to break the glucose down and get your normal bloodsugar count back to 60-120.
So that 108 reading probably came after you juiced up, or had a snickers bar, or something else with sugar in it. (in the moment)

All you have to do to counter these bloodsugar spikes is to count your carbohydrates. Pepsi/Coke is the fucking devil. Toxic shit. But JUICING? Every piece of fruit you put in yourself has carbs. aka sweet taste. I suggest you take your juicing in moderation. Drink half of what you were normally drinking.

You still need some carbs everyday to walk, run, or workout. Carbs will transfer to energy to help you get through the day. Just not too much – my old friend used to be buff, but he turned into a fatso because his wife ‘makes my favorite potatoes’. My other friend = fat too, caught him eating 2 cheeseburgers and fries from BK last night (too many carbs).

If your bloodsugar ever gets BELOW 60, you’ll go into hypoglycemic mode. Shaking fingers followed by dizzyness will happen. Which means, have sugar. Best thing I can have is orange juice because it gets consumed/processed fast.

If your bloodsugar goes ABOVE 150, your pancreas will produce more Beta cells (insulin) to return it to normal. Otherwise, you’ll start having a variety of symptoms. The biggest one = being thirsty all the time. Your body will be crying for more water so that you piss out the excess glucose.

The day I became a diabetic, I was pissing every 5 minutes. and drinking water. and pissing. My bloodsugar reading was over 400. Gee, why did that happen?

Because of a genetic defect. My white blood cells (T-cells aka fighter cells that go to cuts/bruises) mistakenly took all the Beta cells for foreigners. So they fought them off. And fought more off. And more. My pancreas kept working and working and working. And finally after some time, it burned out. Overused. Done. No more. No pancreas, no insulin.

It happens. It’s all good.

Vegetables are required. Green beans is a SLOW CARB. Kale is anti-cancerous. Broccoli is anti-oxidant. Veggies always have made me feel better after eating them. Asparagus, cauliflower … (carrots are good but they have sugars in them)

Testosterone? I gotta get mine checked out asap. Probably low. But what I’m doing to counter this is = no sex, no masturbation. Working out, eating nuts, celery, peanut butter, and whatever else there is. Been reading – gonna take a few months off to see if theres any improvement. A healthy dick and healthy erection is better than a half-assed one.

That’ll be 50 bucks bro.

    Jsploosh - April 15, 2014 Reply

    Nice to know i’m not at that much of a risk as I first thought. However, my levels were tested at 745am and my last meal prior to that was the evening before. So no carbs or anything to spike my levels pre-test.

    Other than that, I definitely eat to many carbs and have to find my sweet spot. I only use apples and carrots in my juice, everything else is veggies (celery, cucumber, spinach, peppers)

    I’m all for doing anything you can to naturally raise T levels. But at 33 you’re better off getting a blood test and then asking your Doc for a script if you’re low. But i’m not a doctor so what do I know.

Ondrej - April 18, 2014 Reply

for HIT style training, there is no better resource than Drew Baye. I know them all: McGuff, Fornicola, Tanner, Reinhardt, Mentzer, Brzycki, RenEx team, Darden…Drew Baye is the best writer, the best thinker and the best practitioner who constantly finds the details to improve his protocols while keeping them simple on the surface. He is Krauser of HIT training.
Wait for his new book High Intensity Workouts 2.0 or try Project Kratos bodweight workout.

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