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My very first OKCupid Date

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I’ve come a long way on my journey down the rabbit whole and it’s time to start sharing my adventures. This was a Field report that I had posted on reddit that i’m reviving now that I have my own site. 

So I had been studying game for about 4-5 weeks at this point and waiting for a chance to put it into action. From this point on the POV is from back when I originally wrote it down. Enjoy. 


So I made an okcupid profile on wednesday, put a few decent pics up, tried to make my profile funny, but not give away too much and try to get the girls to message me because i had heard so much about how the girls never respond yada yada. which turns out is pretty right on. The girls i messaged just out of the blue didn’t really respond, i think i had 1.

But what I did do to every girl who looked at my page, i sent a message along the lines of “don’t be shy i see you checking me out i dont bite….hard” and EVERY single one responded back saying how they aren’t shy and giving me some excuse trying to qualify themselves to me.

This girl was a soft 7,  sends me a message “hiiii :] your cute!”. I scope out her profile, great smile, pretty face, if she lost 20 LBs she’d be an 8-9 easy. So I send back she has a nice smile and like her tattoos. she sends me one more about avenged sevenfold, i tell her i play basketball with the lead singer (true story). I say “you seem really fun and spontaneous, life’s to short to settle down and be boring while were young in my opinion.”

she comes back with “Lol. i can be fun and spontaneous. but sometimes i like to have my boring days :P”

Me: “so let’s be fun and spontaneous, let’s meet for coffee and get to know each other more. What’s your name?”

now i know coffee isn’t the most fun and sponaneous, but by telling her she seems like she is and then she confirms, i set her up to agree to coffee. She may have said yes even if i just straight up asked her but i don’t know, i did set her up and it did work.

7: I’m 7 :] And coffee sounds good. when would you like to meet?

and it’s that easy. After only my 3rd message, we have coffee lined up. So now it’s time for logistics, we live about 7 miles away, i pick a starbucks that’s almost exactly in the middle and across the street from Mile Square Park. So after a few more messages she asks me if i want to text her, i give her my number, she texts me hers. we chat a bit but i told her i had to do stuff before we met up cuz i’m not about to be texting the whole 3 hours till we meet.

So we meet up, get drinks and sit down starting chatting and almost right away i start the question game. worked like a charm, we ended up playing the whole time we hung out. but we would go off on tangents about other things and the conversation just flowed. It’s perfect too because any time there was a pause in the convo I’d just bring it back to the game and say it was someones turn. once we started walking around I slowly made the questions more sexual and she says

“well since you brought it up, what’s your favorite position?”

and BAM we’re talking about sex for the next 15 minutes. at one point we were walking through the golf course section and there were some tree’s in the dark up ahead. i joke about how if she’s been planning on killing me it won’t work and she says im to cute for her to kill.

So we finish our walk and end up by our cars but keep talking. she’s telling me her drunk stories and we have a few smokes. I tell her i have to pee and we go back inside. she sits down at a table to show me a video she was talking about earlier and i use it as an excuse to bring my chair around to her and start escalating  kino. I ask to see her tattoo (i knew it was behind her ear and would be perfect chance to escalate even more) so i brush her hair away and lightly play with her neck (earlier she said she was ticklish in one spot) and she does the cute girl laugh when she’s tickled but you can tell they love it. so i tease her about it and she laughs but i made a note of it. so we watch a few more videos then go out to have one more smoke before we leave. It’s colder now and she tells me to hold her hand.

so i pull her close and put my hand on her neck and she kinda pulls away and says


Me: “don’t what”

Her:  “turn me on”

Me: “why not”

Then I wrap my hand around her neck and pull her in for the kiss. we make out for a bit, keep talking, make out, keep talking blah blah blah.

she asked me if i like nails dug into my back when im fucking and i say

“hell ya” (i had already told her i like my back scratched) and “it’s always better to up the intensity when your fucking, you would prolly love it if i pulled your hair while i fucked you from behind but not if i just grabbed it right now.”

she goes “oh i would”

so i grab her hair and pull her in for another kiss, she starts grinding on me, grabbing my shirt all that good stuff. we made plans to watch arrested development on monday and that was that. So hopefully monday will be the F-close.

Update over a year later, we banged the next time we hung out and continued to hook up over the next few months. Not too bad for my first date after my 2 1/2 year relationship, if I do say so myself. 


Coming next: my second OKcupid date then ended in life changing sex.


Stayed tuned.


Sploosh out.


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