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My Evolution

Published October 8, 2013 in Game , Masculinity , Self Improvement - 0 Comments

I grew up brainwashed. Told that the world is 6,000 years old, we came from adam and eve, people used to live to be 800 and at one point every animal on earth sat in a boat for 40 days. Told that women want a nice guy, who listens to their problems, provides a shoulder to cry on. To always treat them with respect and ask for permission. But something never lined up. Growing up, all the hot girls i liked only friend zoned me back. The more i’d chase and try to impress, the more they pulled back. But i always had girls who liked me, they were just the kinda cute ones. The ones i would make fun of, tease and bullshit with while i was waiting in the wings for the hot ones.

I never understood why the hot ones would be with the jerk offs. The dudes who treated them like dirt most of the time. I was a virgin till i was 22. I had a few chances to lose it prior but even though i wasn’t a strict christian i always wanted to save my virginity for my wife. When i finally lost it, it was with my girlfriend. We had dated as freshmen in high school, that whole first love story. We got back together after i had been dumped by a girl that i had moved away from hawaii to be with.

That’s how beta i was. I left a literally paradise on earth to be with a chick i hadn’t even fucked yet. My only life regret.

I ended up moving out of state with the GF, by then we had been banging for over a year. Only once or twice a week because we both lived at home.

By the time we had broken up, i was no longer a christian, no longer sure that i wanted a wife and kids so soon. Definitely sure that i wanted to bang everything that moved.

I was overweight, unemployed and moving back into my dads garage. But i had been studying “game” I read everything i could from r/seduction, RSD, watched every Simple Pickup video they had, I was a vacuum for information on how to seduce woman.

A rapid weight loss of 35lbs, combined with my 6’2 frame and decent looks allowed me to have some decent success right out of the gate.

My first okcupid date ended in sex. She blew my fucking mind. Wanted me to handcuff her, choke her, slap her ass and just dominate her. So i did. And i quickly learned that sex is 100 times better when you as a man take charge and she submits. For millions of years, the men who got to pass on their genes were the biggest and strongest. The ones who could protect their women from the dangers of a prehistoric era. 50 years of feminism is nothing compared to 50 million years of natural selection.

Now, almost 2 years into my transformation, I’ve slept with over 40 women. I’ve had multiple threesomes. I’ve tasted true submission from women and i’m never going back. The look of joy on their face after i’ve fucked them every which way till I blast my load down their throats is the most beautiful sight on the planet.

I’ve had numerous women tell me i’m literally a sex god. I take pride in giving women orgasms like they’ve never felt before. There’s no humble bragging here. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t believe me, my girls know the truth and they keep coming back for more so that’s all the matters.

Finally freed from the chains of my youth, experienced enough to actually understand what makes women tick, i’ve blossomed into what i’ve always wanted to be.

A man women want to be with and men want to be. And it feels fucking fantastic.


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