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Momma cooked a breakfast with no hog.

Published December 5, 2013 in 2014 goals , Discipline , Fitness , Manosphere - 2 Comments

As Ice would say,  today was a good day. Things are coming together. The snowball is getting bigger. Pretty soon I’ll be able to just give one last push and let it roll down the mountain on its own.

  • This is the fourth day i’ve been juicing.  I’ve been just tweaking it as i go. Today I made a juice for breakfast and made leftovers for lunch at work. in total i did 3 Fuji apples, 3 big ass carrots, 3 small sweet peppers, 5 or 6 handfuls of my kale/spinach mix and 4 tbls Apple cider vinegar. today was the day i noticed the most changes. Constant energy throughout the day. No spikes then lulls like before. from reading over at nexxtlevelup i’m going to try out the APD diet on jan 1st and see how it goes. can’t wait to be shredded i’m so close. On sunday night I weighed 212.2 lbs. As of 5 minutes ago (it’s wednesday night at 10:25 for me) I was 201.2. In the morning i’ll prolly be around 199.6. By December 20th I hope to be 195. Can’t wait to see what a week will bring. then 2. then a month. then all of 2014.
  • Found the perfect studio apartment today, if it all goes like i hope, the plan is i’ll be moved in on the 15th. The place is everything a dude could ask for in a bachelor pad. upstairs, patio, huge open space, new kitchen, new everything. jacuzzi right by my place. It’s in the very corner of the complex with a view of the less than 5 minute walk to my favorite bars, gym and groceries.  Fuck i’m excited.
  • On top of that I’m supposed to get my motorcycle back tomorrow. I’ve been saying tomorrow for a while now so i wouldn’t quote me on that one yet. mechanic said he got everything done, up and running then he noticed the O rings leaking gas. Suppossedly getting the parts in tomorrow. We’ll see.
  • day job is going great. new product launching in two weeks that stands to make the whole company a shit load of dough. Which will help me furnish my apartment that will be empty as fuck for a month.
  • The plan is to bust my ass in an empty apartment till my birthday in February. Then i’ll have a coming out party. Buy myself a whole new wardrobe, furnish my pad, throw a party, then take a vacation. From my day job not from being awesome. Boom.

As this whirlwind next few weeks takes place i’m realizing that I got a little over ambitious with my 21 points to glory. I’ll be modifying it a bit and once I move out I’ll be able to create an entirely new routine to kick 2014’s fucking ass.


This has been another baked post [4]. I love weed.





TheShido - December 5, 2013 Reply

How often do you hit the bong? I find it fucks with my productivity and reward myself with a bowl two or three times a week.

    Jsploosh - December 5, 2013 Reply

    I blaze about every day. It straightens me out. Makes me want to stretch, focuses my mind, motivates me to get shit done etc etc.

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