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Podcast With 30 Days To X

Published June 4, 2014 in SplooshCast - 2 Comments

Rebooting my podcast that I neglected for a few months. June and July are my make or break months on my path to freedom. To kick it off I recorded a podcast with 30 Day’s To X ‘s Robert Koch to find out what worked for him on his path to working for himself.

We asked twitter for some questions and we answered all of them.

We talked about getting back on the horse after missing time lifting.

About the improved mental clarity during a fast. (which I just broke while waiting for the podcast to upload by eating a fuji apple. So bomb)

Being free from working for the man.

Tim Ferris paints a fairy tale. True success comes from the process. As read about in The Millionaire Fast Lane.

Eugene Sandows System of Physical Training

Advice Rob would give to his 18 year old self.

Have fun listening.



If you still have questions when you’re done, let us know on twiiter you can follow me @jeremysploosh and Rob @xdays. We’ll save them for part 2 coming in a month or so. Otherwise go check out 30 Days To X and read about how to hustle online. No nonsense. Just results. If you hate your job you owe to yourself to at least check it out.






This podcast was produced with Garageband, a Blue Snowball Microphone and Skype.


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