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The Lies Of The Elliot Rodger Shooting

Published May 28, 2014 in Manosphere - 6 Comments

Part of taking the red pill is questioning the official story. But some of us don’t go deep enough. We learn the truth about attraction, lifting, location independence but think that’s enough. Not for me. I want to know the bigger picture truth. I refuse to be a puppet. I’ve gone deep down the ‘conspiracy’ rabbit hole. The mainstream wants to label every single one who does a ‘nutjob’ or ‘crack pot’. But conspiracy in it’s simplest form is two or more people planning to commit a crime. And that shit happens all the time. I could link for days to confirmed conspiracies. But it’s not my job to convert everyone who doesn’t believe. It’s my job to bring up the questions and it’s up to each individual to research for themselves to find the answer that makes sense to themselves. In the case of Elliot Rodger the lies were swift. The agenda is being stuffed down our throats. Just like we predicted.

As the dust settles, there are too many things that just do not add the fuck up for me to believe the official story.

  • How can anyone think this isn’t a scripted video?? listen to the fake fucking evil laugh (at 3:00 and 5:00). He even adds the “true alpha male” just so the femnazi’s can blame the manosphere for all of this. Obvious troll is obvious.
  • How could the police not find any guns after they interviewed him when his parents reported the videos he had been posting?
  • How could he overpower his 3 roommates and STAB them (notice we don’t have anyone calling for knife control, hmmmm) without a struggle enough to cause neighbors to hear? Rodger was 5 foot nothing and skinny as shit. Knife wounds do not kill instantly or painlessly.
  • Why do we have multiple witnesses claiming that there was another passenger in the BMW?

  • The father of one of the victims came out right away with an emotional plea blaming the NRA. Around the 50 second mark he asks “why did chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians.” um what? that’s a bit of a stretch there homie.


This whole thing stinks to high hell. We know that the government has admited to false flags in the past and tried to cover up even more recently with the batman shootings, sandy hook and the boston marathon bombing. But those didn’t work. People called out the obvious lies to swiftly. You can see all kinds of videos on youtube highlighting the truth.

“how could x amount of people keep such a big secret” you might ask. Just remember that 130,000 different people worked on the Manhattan Project building the atomic bomb and it was kept a secret for decades. Compartmentalization and blackmail combined with absurd amounts of bribery goes a long fucking way.

I’ll be the first to admit that I got sucked into the story, feeding the twitter trolls and trying to convert people to the light. But nothing we do will change the mind of someone fully absorbed in the brainwashing of the masses. We know that Liberalism is a mental disorder We can only put the truth out and let those who are ready come to find it.

In conclusion. Nothing to see here folks. Just the downfall of western civilization. Once they take the guns they will have nothing to stop them.

Ignore the feminist lies. No one thinks they are worth a damn anyone. Not a single feminist is attractive or happy. They are all bitter fat ugly cows and we should just let them keep rolling around in their own filth.

Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regular programing.






The Lies Of The Elliot Rodger Shooting | - May 28, 2014 Reply

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Zelcorpion - May 28, 2014 Reply

If there was a second man in the car, then it is a psy-op for sure But a very well made one.

Stabbing those 3 guys is possible when he did it while they were sleeping or by drugging them. That is usually how women kill their men. Going into each room and stabbing them at 5 A.M. is possible. Attacking each of them with a knife less likely of course.

The manifesto and the videos seem to be real. Quite a few people have obsessive deranged thought patterns which are similar. The guy was in therapy since age 8 and on psychotropics since who knows when. Psychotropics are known to help you in the short run, but after a prolonged period they actally cause more mental problems by far!

So yes – possible psy-op, but he likely did it himself albeit with assistance, some nudging and little hypnotic help. There was an episode in the current Hannibal TV series which banned, because it showed Hannibal hypnotically manipulating kids into killing their parents. That episode was a bit too close to the truth I guess.

However for a change the attack is at least possible to have been real, which shows how fucked up our current system is.

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Zelcorpion - June 1, 2014 Reply

Now we have the Deli shooting pics which are somewhat inconsistent with shooting blood splatter as well as some pics of his car which is also completely blood-free, but he was supposed to shoot himself in the head. I guess he shot himself under a blanket in the backset with his face turned down – all while holding the gun to his back.

Looks more and more like a psy-op….

    Jsploosh - June 2, 2014 Reply

    Haven’t seen those pics but it makes sense.

Rick - June 3, 2014 Reply

The reports of a 2nd shooter has to do with bad early eyewitness accounts due to stress and panic. People make mistakes!

Im still puzzled why the details of the stabbings havent been released. Im guessing theres autopsies being done to see if they were drugged or the details are too sick to publicly disclose. Im sure the police doesnt want to create anymore panic by telling the 20,000 student population who predominantly have similar housing situations to all of a sudden buy door locks and motion detectors or sleep with a knife by their bed (or gun) and test and eyeball their liquid beverages in their shared fridge for tampering.

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