Life is a game and then you die. Make the most of it.

My Inspiration

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for those who came before me. With that in mind, this is my way of saying thanks to all who helped mold me into the man I am today.

Roosh: The man, the myth, the legend. He has forums, blogs, books, field reports, anything and everything you need to get started on your journey of Game.

Victor Pride: My internet Idol. His posts are a gold mine of no fluff, actionable motivation. He doesn’t just fill you up with good feels. He tells you what you need to hear to be successful and shows you how to do it. I’m just starting on my journey to true freedom and I look to his advice at every turn.

Danny: A constant reminder that game makes up for any lack of physical perfection. If this short, bald, goofy looking motherfucker can have game, then anyone can. His advice on gaming hired guns is top notch.

Goodlookingloser: This dude straight lays down the law. No bullshit, just results. He doesn’t hide behind avatars, doesn’t recommend anything that hasn’t personally worked for him. I mean, dude has pics of his johnson hanging out for the world to see. He lives a life of his own accord, takes what he wants and doesn’t give a fuck about who cares.

LaidNYC: Probably my favorite writer at the moment. Has a way with words that I can only dream of. Yes he’s anonymous, no he’s not selling you anything but damn if he doesn’t spit gold with every post.

Matt Forney: Another Icon. Not afraid and hiding behind pseudonyms. Able to piss of entire cities with a single blog post.

JudgyBitch: Living, breathing proof that not every single woman in America has gone to shit.

PillScout: Our resident chemist. Schooled in the fine arts of brain hacking. Experimenting with Nootropics and giving you the run down on what actually works and what is a waste of money.

Krauser: One of the best at breakdown the seduction process from start to finish. Dude posts proof, shows you his texts convos and leaves no stone unturned.


I’ll keep updating this post as I know I didn’t get to everyone who’s inspired me. But it’s a start. Don’t just take my word for it. Go see for yourself.