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Is An Icelandic Volcano Erupting?

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I found this through Vault-Co.

“Just To Let You All Know”

“The Icelandic Weather Office Veður­stofa considers it likely that there will be an eruption in Bárðarbunga and has raised the warning stage for air traffic from yellow to orange because of this (Ed: orange is the final stage before “It’s currently erupting”)”

Clicking through the maps and having google translate from Icelandic it looks grim.

There have been hundreds of earthquakes throughout the night and continuing as we speak.

Photo By Icelandic Meteorological Office

Photo By Icelandic Meteorological Office

“High Degree Of Uncertainty”

The main article updated with a link to a web cam here with a view of the volcano.

Is An Icelandic Volcano Erupting?

It sure looks that way to me. Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

Is this what all the distractions are for?

Ferguson, The islamic state, wars, rumors of wars, all the programming through movies about the end times.

It’s all there in the open for anyone to see.

But this is happening right now.

A revolution is coming. The distracted will think its an earthly revolution.

It’s a battle for the afterlife. The battle for souls. The harvest. Each religion will claim their god has come back to save them.

The government will say its aliens. Soldiers will fight to death for their gods and death will be the winner.

This video sums it up perfectly.

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.


We cannot let those people win. Don’t give your life for any fake god who asks for your soul by pretending to be god in the afterlife.

You must find the god within. The symbolic message behind all great prophets before their words were corrupted by dogma meant to control.

Don’t touch anyone when you die. The helpers will keep a healthy distance and talk to your mind.

The eaters can only eat those that attach willingly. They are cunning deceivers.

Be strong. Death is not the end.




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