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Yesterday it hit me like a ton a bricks. I’m not as productive as I want to be for one simple reason.


I don’t follow my own fucking advice.


That ended yesterday. It was around 4 pm and I pulled up my list of 21 Points To Glory and realized how stupid I’ve been the last month.  Not tracking my points, progress, success or failures. Just going through the motions based on how I “feel” each day. They world doesn’t give a shit how you feel. It cares about what you do. So from here on out I’ll be updated my 21 points score daily.

Yesterday I scored 16 points. I’m already at 9 and counting for the day today and it’s not even 11am yet.

My most recent magic mushroom adventure gave me the questions. Only through introspection have I been able to find the answers.  The entire trip almost the only thing I could think of was “what is the point?” and “what is next?”

The questions burned through my mind all night while I watched the fire melt and the night sky close in around me. I thought I had been through that section of my mind but obviously I wasn’t done yet. Mushrooms have a way of showing you exactly what you need to see at that exact moment. My mind kept flashing to the illusions of society. I kept thinking how ridiculous the mainstream is. But if you’re reading my site then you already know the mainstream is ass backwards so I won’t repeat it here.

The answer to my “what’s next” question is simple. I need to publish books, videos, and more in-depth content. I have a wealth of data at my finger tips, I bought a new HD video camera so I can record on something other than my iPhone. Once I actually signed up for amazon’s kindle publishing system I realized how simple it is. My first book is going to be about magic mushrooms, how to use them to find your own questions then meditate to learn the answers. It’ll just be a short story about what a common trip feels like, why I believe the entire world should take them and how they wake you up to the matrix all around you.

We talk a shit ton about unplugging from the matrix, taking the red pill, etc. A magic mushroom trip unplugs you from your societal conditioning and opens you up to the universe and all its beauty. You see light as energy, the geometric language of creation and with high enough dosage you can unlock your third eye.

Writing the short book is my way of going through the process of become a published author. I want to make a location free living through the words I type, so I need to get fucking started.

I hope to have it published by the end of the week. I also am putting together an e-bundle of my text messages from the women I seduced during my “I need to bang as many women as possible” phase. I never followed any text maxims like some people advocate. Such as the 2/3rd’s rule or any of that nonsense. Sometimes i’d text back and forth 100 times in a single day. I was able to turn women on through texts and get them ready to fuck me before we’d ever meet in person. So I hope to have that out and ready by may 23rd.

Time to buckle down.



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Mike - May 20, 2014 Reply

This post is a week old. Maybe I’m really old and missing the newer posts, but I don’t see anything.

Stop telling people what you’re going to do. Do it or don’t do it. Talk is meaningless.

Frost/Thumotic has this same problem.

You guys should form an accountability group.

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