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Humpday Ramblings

Published November 13, 2013 in Ramblings - 4 Comments

The thing about writing is you just have to write. Then write some more. Then edit. Then write some more. It’s just like picking up women. You have to approach. Then approach some more. Then analyze what you did right and wrong. Adjust and move forward. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a top notch player.


30 days to x touched on it here and he’s absolutely right. When I can’t think of the perfect blog post or don’t think i have anything to say, I just stare at the keyboard, not my screen. I literally just start typing,

i am staring at the keys on my board and forming words out of my thoughts. I will keep writing until my brain gives me something good to say. Because I know that my brain is full of wisdom from the past 2 years of learning to be a better man. I’ve seen the highs and lows of a player lifestyle. I’ve given happiness and i’m sure some pain. No matter how upfront I am from the beginning, there always comes a point where women want more. They’ll be happy getting their brains fucked out every which direction for a few months till their friends start nagging them about why I won’t commit. Why I do this or that. Nitpicking, cock-blocking until I’m this huge asshole for not being with only her. BULLSHIT. I told you from the beginning that I’m not going to be in a relationshit for a long as time. I told you that I don’t do the whole boyfriend scam


Do you see how that just flowed naturally once I started typing my thoughts out? That whole paragraph took me less than 2 minutes to write and when I started typing them I had no clue where my thoughts would take me. Now I have ideas for new posts.


  1. How to handle when your plate pushes for commitment. HINT: hold the keep.
  2. Why every player needs a bottom bitch.
  3. The oneitis of a player is worse than any other.
  4. My okcupid success’ and failures.
  5. text game examples


Today’s society is perfectly tailored to the player. No other time in human history has a commoner been able to seduce and maintain a harem of multiple women. that was reserved for royalty for most of humanities time on earth.

These are just my random thoughts on a Wednesday morning.


Stay tuned for a more in depth, high quality post tomorrow.





Jim - November 13, 2013 Reply

Good work good luck. Look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say and your perspective.

    Jsploosh - November 14, 2013 Reply

    Anything in particular you’d want to read? always open to suggestions.

keanu - November 14, 2013 Reply

Hey- discovered your blog through Laidnyc. Good stuff my man.

Post suggestion-you talked for a bit in a previous post that you used to have a long term girlfriend. What was the catalyst for the breakup?

Also, I’m curious about this phrase:

The oneitis of a player is worse than any other.

Keep up the discipline.

    Jsploosh - November 14, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion I’ll write it up for my next post.

    As for the phrase. I think a players oneitis can be worse because the more you understand all the ho tendencies of a lot of women, the more you appreciate the finer qualities of good women. So when you have good women and one stands above them it’s hard to ignore.

    But a man without experience’s oneitis comes from a projection, from putting a women pedestal just because that’s what they’ve been told.

    I’ll never lose the discipline. I’m no mark minter hahaha.

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