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From Open to close, OKCupid Style

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Another Field Report from my seduction days. The second girl I ever put my penis in. 

I’ll just show you guys the back and forth between us from start to finish on OkCupid, then tell you about the rest from there so here we go. I scope out her profile cause we are a 99% match and she lives a mile and a half away from me. So this is what i said. My editorial notes will be bolded. Everything else is actual conversation. 


“you are the highest match i’ve seen on here and we’re neighbors so I had to come say hi ; ) Just finished season 6 of Dexter and holy poo it’s amazing. Used to love weeds until about season 5 then stopped watching for whatever reason.

So what’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?”


“OMG 99%? damn haha 🙂 Well hello. I’m HB7. And yeah, the last season finale blew me away for sure, I can’t wait for next season! In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, play video games, smoke hookah, play pool.. idk lots of things haha. What about you?”


“Hi HB7, I’m Splosh.

I love dexter, seriously it’s my crack. I watch one episode and next thing you know it’s 530 and i have work in a few hours haha.

I’m like you, too many things to do but not enough free time. I have had a pool and ping pong table almost my whole life do you want a piece of this or what?? If you can beat me at pool I’ll grant you one wish (I’m part Genie btw)

I play video games, sports, hang with my family, go out with friends and just have a damn good time when I’m not working. I like that your tall, I think I’m developing neck problems from looking down at all the short people all the time 😉

Who’s better at sex guys or girls? (I asked this because her profile says “bi”)


Haha I’m not scared, bring it on! 🙂 & right? what’s with all the short people? jeez. I’d like to look up at someone for once lol. Hmm haha what makes you ask?


Oh it’s already been brought-en (black cheerleader voice) Well it’s your lucky day I have come to save you from the terrible shorties and sweep you away so you can stare up at my big poopie brown eyes. I’m a curious person and it says your bi. I’ve always wondered who was better so I thought you’d be the perfect person to explain how guys and girls have sex differently


rofl xD ah hayell naw! (ghetto black chick) ..and you can stare back at mine and we can have an intense staring contest, yes? but anyways uhm I tend to have more fun with guys. I like it better because it’s more bodily interaction than with two girls. Also, with guys it seems a bit more like play. With two girls its much more sensual, because not only are they familiar with each other’s body parts and know exactly what does what, but it’s not just about the main course as it is with guys. idk if that helps?


It does help thanks. Not all guys are all about the main course. It’s about the journey not the destination in my opinion. Ok then it’s settled. We have to hang out and have a pool tournament then a starting contest. When are you free this week?

lol alright 🙂 Uhm I’m not sure yet. Maybe like thursday or saturday.

My goal for OkCupid is I try to met in person as soon as possible by just being direct. I tell them they’re fun and want to get to know them. Then i spit text game till we meet. I just ask good questions and steer them towards sex. Play the question game. Set your frame as soon as you meet. Kino like its what you do with everyone. You know the rest.

we exchanged numbers and set up the date. We went out to the pool hall first, played 3 games then bounced to a hookah lounge. After hookah we went for a walk and starting talking about how I secretly knew her friends at the hookah lounge and set this all up cause there’s a dark alley around the corner. I keep it up for a little and she’s laughing and then made a joke about something not being real. So i told her that i’m real and pulled her in for the kiss. made out for a few minutes and i said let’s get out of here.

Her:  “where are we going?”

Me: “where do you think we’re going?”

Her: “to your place?”

She told me we were going to my place, it was so easy because of all the attraction I had built. we get back to my place, put on a background movie and go at it till 4 am. she was a damn good time and we had talked about threesomes throughout the night and after she said “if you ever find a girl who’s down, i’m down”

Now the part that was life changing for me is how rough she wanted it. The only other girl i’d banged was my ex-gf and I had only lightly pulled her hair and smacked her ass. This girl wanted it fucking rough. Hair yanking, choking, hand prints on the ass rough. We would go on to be fuck buddies for 6 months until she got a beta bitch boyfriend. She ended up cheating on him with me towards the end of the relationship and now that she’s single we still hang out. This girl opened my eyes to how all women want to be fucked deep down. They might not admit it or even know it if they haven’t experience it. But they all crave being dominated.

We went on to have 4 threesomes with other girls, getting into BDSM, went to a few dungeons all that jazz. She also was my hook up for the first time i took shrooms and acid.


Up next: My first MILF. stay tuned.


Sploosh out.

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