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Elliot Rodger Blame Game

Published May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized - 6 Comments

Don’t believe the lies. The shit is going to be flung far.

They will tell us he was mentally disturbed. They’ll say we need more therapy and meds.

They will tell us we need more gun control to protect our “freedoms”.

They will tell us that it was the Men’s rights movement that created this monster. Laughable. Forbes writer Kashmir Hill put out a great article debunking any thought that the mens movement had anything to do with this.

They will ignore the fact that this is now the SECOND son of a Hollywood director to go on a rampage through Santa Barbara. Director Dan Attis son David killed 5 people with his car in 2001. 

They will tell us that we need stricter controls on the internet.

Guess what, they lie.

Uncle Mitch thinks it’s a false flag, citing the Hollywood director dad and the fact that logically, if you’re sex starved and know you are about to go out and take people with you, why wouldn’t you fuck the hottest girl you could find first and then go on a rampage.

He could be on to something. Hollywood elite are known for corrupting children through ritual violence and the MK-Ultra slave creation program, but that is a story for another day. Who knows what cocktail of brain altering drugs  “multiple therapists” (according to the family lawyer) put him on.

His videos reek of scripting. The evil laughter, the pauses, the ridiculous god complex the kid had. His parents called the authories when they found his woe is me youtube videos, they interviewed him and found he was polite and wonderful. Ok bro.

This is something out of a bad movie. It keeps getting better. As I’m writing and researching I found there is supposedly a “manifesto” over 100,000 words long describing the stages of his “retribution”.

[Update] Thanks to John Durant for posting the link on twitter to the Manifesto here. 

I recall something about tributes in hunger games. Which his dad worked on. Don’t know if there is a connection there but it’s a thought.

This is just the latest distraction from the important issues. I’ll bet we’ll find out later that some sort of secret bill has just been passed in congress that is meant to fuck us over even more (only half joking)

Here’s the Deal

What we do know is that the mainstream is watching us. They are scared shitless of the truths we speak. Which means we’re on the right track. Go deeper than the official story. Use your brain. Scan the “facts” and evidence and see for yourself.

I’ll keep updating this as I go. I recorded some thoughts when I first read it while on the way home from Joshua tree. So this post is still a work in progress.










Elliot Rodger Blame Game | - May 24, 2014 Reply

[…] Elliot Rodger Blame Game […]

Zelcorpion - May 24, 2014 Reply

So far this one looks real, but we will see how they want to play it out in the media. Gun control is of course a big point on the agenda, internet censorship is always a plus.

But so far there is little known. Could be of course another false-flag as some school-shootings in which suddenly 18-year-old numbskulls were making perfect military-grade double headshots and then later on were firing incompetently around when the police cornered them.

We will see whether they start going against PUA & MRA community now as some feminists have already made that convoluted illogical combination: shooter was hating PUA, but PUA are guilty because they made him buy pyramid-level Game-material which did not help him getting laid, but only increased his mysogyny.

    Jsploosh - May 24, 2014 Reply

    Hearing him talk in his videos just screams at me that it’s an act. The hollywood ties as well. But who fucking knows.

    I think this one will be more about the monitoring of internet forums than gun control.

    Good thing i’m not a PUA or MRA i guess. But i have a feeling they will come after the sphere with a vengeance.

    I hope I’m wrong.

      Zelcorpion - May 25, 2014 Reply

      Ha! For most of the feminist driven media even married guys like Dalrock and Rollo Tomassi are the enemy, because they use “manipulative” Game on their wives and become more “chauvinistic” due to applied evolutionary psychology knowledge.

      It looks as if it is real for a change and the media is just pouncing upon it like with the Trayvon Martin case. CNN and the rest are mainly attacking the NRA & the gun issue.

      And to be honest I don’t think that Game-knowledge is particularly contrary to our rulers’ goals. As long as men use it to have mindless sex and never settle down, then that part of the Brave New World is exactly as planned.

      What they certainly do not like is that those men become well-rounded strong Alpha males with more interests then getting laid. Also they don’t want men to have meaningful strong relationships and families. Strong Alphas who create healthy LTR/family units? No way! That aspect of the manosphere is certainly considered slightly inconvenient and that is why it will have to stay out of mainstream media. If all were just hardcore PUAs with only pussy on their minds then Krauser and Roosh would be getting TV shows.

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[…] Part of taking the red pill is questioning the official story. But some of us don’t go deep enough. We learn the truth about attraction, lifting, location independence but think that’s enough. Not for me. I want to know the bigger picture truth. I refuse to be a puppet. I’ve gone deep down the ‘conspiracy’ rabbit hole. The mainstream wants to label every single one who does a ‘nutjob’ or ‘crack pot’. But conspiracy in it’s simplest form is two or more people planning to commit a crime. And that shit happens all the time. I could link for days to confirmed conspiracies. But it’s not my job to convert everyone who doesn’t believe. It’s my job to bring up the questions and it’s up to each individual to research for themselves to find the answer that makes sense to themselves. In the case of Elliot Rodger the lies were swift. The agenda is being stuffed down our throats. Just like we predicted. […]

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