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Drunken Times SplooshCast With Kyle From This Is Trouble

Published June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized - 3 Comments

This SplooshCast features Kyle  from This Is Trouble as he came down for the weekend.  We got a lot of work done on a side project while getting drunk before going out for the night to start some shenanigans.

When we got home we recorded a drunken, hiccuping, slurring podcast which is mostly just us talking shit to each other for a half an hour. Enjoy



A few blurbs below about topics we hit. There isn’t much form or practical advice. This fun. So listen at you own risk.

  • We talk about my experiment with veganism. Why we eat meat and diary (it tastes good)
  • My love for neon green.
  • Kyle talks about the search terms on his blog, questions my manhood.
  • Kyle guesses Kaitlyn’s bra size incorrectly.
  • I do a little mystery method magic to get Kyle tingles flowing.
  • I confuse 3 or 4 different stories and make up shit about arranged marriages based on penis and vagina size.
  • Kyle asserts the modern world sucks, I rebut.
  • We talk about the modern world, being free, loser manosphere commenters on the main sites.
  • Kyle wants to know when Eddie Murphy last put out a good movie.
  • I get the truth from Kyle about my rabbit food (recipe post coming soon). He knows it was bomb as fuck.
  • I talk about my get rich quick scheme.
  • Kyle wants to know about flight 370. I think he’s a spook trying to get me on a list.  I’m onto you brah.
  • We talk about the .0001 % and the recent boom of banker suicides. Zero Hedge lists all here.
  • Then we make my cat chase the laser pointer around.
  • Kyle is rusty at approaching. Gotten sloppy in his relationship. He talks about feeling approach anxiety for this first time in a while. pushed through. got blown out. awesome.

I think you get the point. Just go listen if you’re bored at work. And then go tell Kyle he needs to work on his vocal projection and stop being such a bitch.





Drunken Times SplooshCast With Kyle From This Is Trouble | - June 18, 2014 Reply

[…] Drunken Times SplooshCast With Kyle From This Is Trouble […]

Bleucheese - June 18, 2014 Reply

Kyle has the voice of a hundred fifty thousand golden homosexuals harmonizing in unison.

    Jsploosh - June 19, 2014 Reply

    I couldn’t quite put my finger on the description of his voice. You nailed it.

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