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Death By a Thousand Cuts

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The Newspapers are going to be tough on you. Prison is very, very hard on people who hurt kids. If you get the opportunity, you should kill yourself.

– Rust Cohle.

True Detective

Are you facing life in prison for murdering your 1 year old? Or just facing death from a thousand different cuts.

The lady Rust told that to was facing the former. She was in for a life of misery and pain. Plus Rust is just morbid as fuck. He likes to think of life as waking into a nightmare. For all of eternity you’ve been what? Nothing? Part of the universe? Energy? A soul? Who fucking knows. Rust knows who he is and nothing can change that.

Marty & Rust

Marty & Rust

Fictional as he may be, truth is found in his morbid monologues, the confessions he draws from the guilty, his constant upholding of his personally integrity.

If you’re 20 lbs overweight and have a bit of credit card date. Wallowing in self pity about why no one likes you except your mom, there’s no fucking way you should kill you self.

My grandpa is a shell of his formal self. A bitter old man stuck in his past glory days without the will to look to the future. He brushes me off when I mention TRT. How he could feel like he’s 25 again.

He’s in he’s 70s. He’s lost his mojo, his will to live. Don’t be like him.  Anyone 60 and under has no excuse except admitting they’re lazy and unwilling to put the work in necessary to reap the harvest of life.

Matter and Energy. The only substances of the universe. Infinite Intelligence. The subconscious. Used by religions as “heaven”. Used by others as the 4th dimension. The Matrix.

Whatever name you choose. There is something more to this wave length we’re in. You see it in your dreams. You can’t quite figure it out. Numbers don’t line up. You know you can do something but you just seem stuck. You’re in a dream world Neo. What if. What if you have to learn to control it. Learn to be it. Learn to be one. Then where do you go. 

What’s your most reoccurring life stumbling block? Think about that for 30 seconds. Really think. Hold it in your mind. Then tell your subconscious to go find the answer.

Cars are my answer. When I take 3 steps forward, life uses vehicular Jeremy slaughter and it’s super effective.

Right when I had settled on a possible future plan after moving for the umpteenth time. My mom was killed in a car accident. I was 17. I was pretty lost for the next year and a half. I put on a happy face and told myself It was “gods will”. Only in reflection can I see just how shattered I was. I’ve since put humpty dumpty together again.

Yet, by far the most money I’ve wasted in life has been on transportation. Registration. Insurance. Tickets. Late fees. Expired Tags. Laziness.

One night on the way to have a threesome, I was pulled over for having a “obstruction of view” by having a fucking air freshener on my mirror. Ain’t that some shit. Long story short. I tell them I have herb. Don’t’ have my med card on me yada yada. They search my entire ride. Don’t find shit beside my ganja like i told them. Get a ticket for it. Thanks CA.

Too many laws they can invent just to collect their fines. Sick of playing their reindeer games. I’ve actually enjoyed my month taking the bus. Plenty of time to read, seeing the rare cute face among a sea of whales, no worries about fine’s or bs. The bus is never on time. Who cares it’s nice having someone else drive for a change.

The lesson in my car troubles isn’t that it’s 100% the cars fault and I can’t accept blame. It’s that if I was always up to date with my insurance, court shit, registrations, all the hands of the man in my pocket, it would have been cheaper than the money i was trying to save by avoiding them. 

Stay on top of your shit folks. Don’t be stupid like I was.

He said, as his blog post sails completely off course. Back to the topic at hand.

Think about it like this. Wouldn’t you rather “kill” yourself every day, by busting your ass to eat healthy, make money, and be positive. Than the current death by a thousand cuts life you’re currently leading?

Some say to kill ’em with kindness. Trying killing yourself with positive. If you’ve been to rock bottom, then you can imagine, visualize, memorize and then prioritize climbing your mountain peak.

Before you consider offing your self. Give a long hard look into attempted suicide by positive energy overdose.

I dare you.




Vru3__--__ - February 27, 2014 Reply

Think about it like this. Wouldn’t you rather “kill” yourself every day, by busting your ass to eat healthy, make money, and be positive. Than the current death by a thousand cuts life you’re currently leading?
Im from fucking india and i can relate. And im a fan of victor pride too. Trying to improve in this shit stained world. I like your blog man. Keep it real.

    Jsploosh - March 3, 2014 Reply

    That is exactly my point. far better to “kill” yourself by self discipline and training your will power. Thanks for reading my dude.

Doktor Bill - March 9, 2014 Reply

Been there. Won’t do that; I bought the ticket for this ride, and I plan to stay until it’s over. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Drive on.

A♠ - March 13, 2014 Reply

Perhaps this is arrogance on my part, but I now get the sense the bullet I almost used to commit suicide would’ve slain more than one man.

    Jsploosh - March 13, 2014 Reply

    Reminds me of the Count Of Monte Cristo when Dantes says “you’ve only got one shot, and it’ll take more than that to stop me”.

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