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Podcast With 30 Days To X

Published June 4, 2014 in SplooshCast - 2 Comments

Rebooting my podcast that I neglected for a few months. June and July are my make or break months on my path to freedom. To kick it off I recorded a podcast with 30 Day’s To X ‘s Robert Koch to find out what worked for him on his path to working for himself. We asked twitter for […]

SplooshCast 3: Tyler Vin On Open Relationships, Suiting Up And Frame Control.

Published March 22, 2014 in Fitness , Game , Open Relationships , SplooshCast - 6 Comments

I was finally able to pin down Tyler Vin long enough for a podcast. We had a blast for 47 minutes talking about our open relationships, the benefits of suiting up and how it affects frame control. 2:30 – Christian has a through guide for prepping for the night  4:13 – Differences in attraction wearing a suit […]

SplooshCast Episode 2: The Moistening

Published February 11, 2014 in SplooshCast - 0 Comments

I told Lucky that we should plan for 30 minutes and cap it at 40. We cut the SplooshCast at 39:15.  Brilliant. Topics we hit on: Blue Pill Lucky/ Red Pill Lucky Lucky tours the Sphere Physic’s Game Lucky’s Nan Usa ladies vs Uk Lassies Going home with strangers #MMGMUOMD Big shout outs to Danger […]