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Burying the hatchet.

Published November 16, 2013 in Manosphere , Masculinity , Ramblings - 4 Comments

So the men going their own way guys have latched onto Kaitlyn’s blog. They came and left a lot of lame ass attempts to “warn” her about how hard the wall is going to hit her. If you dude’s are too dull to see that she’s writing as an attempt to enlighten guys to the ways […]

Beta of the month

Published November 11, 2013 in Beta of the month , Game , Manosphere , Masculinity - 0 Comments

This months beta story comes from my girl KSploosh. One of the girls she works with has a BOYfriend. Note the emphasis on boy. Everytime he comes in with her, he is carrying all of her makeup bags. Follows her around like a puppy dog, the whole nine. So the story goes that beta boy […]

15 reasons never to date a single mom

Published October 28, 2013 in Manosphere , Masculinity , Ramblings - 0 Comments

 Captain Cappy coming through with the daily ridiculousness. Couldn’t resist picking this piece of journalistic rubbish apart one line at a time.   Bold will be the OG list. Everything else is mine thoughts. Here we go. 1. She’s no wimp. Single moms are tough and independent. I don’t want a tough and independent woman. It’s […]

The Myth of Plummeting Female Sexual Market Value

Published October 23, 2013 in Manosphere , Masculinity , Ramblings - 1 Comment

“A reader shared this bit of male wishful thinking about female sexual market value. It was apparently cooked up by a typically disgruntled and sexually frustrated older male licking his mating wounds.” From the very beginning Susan starts off with the shaming. Typically disgruntled and sexually frustrated older male? I’m perfectly gruntled, and the farther […]

ABC 20/20 on the Manosphere

Published October 17, 2013 in Manosphere , Masculinity - 0 Comments

“Deep in the underbelly of the Internet is a hidden corner known as the “Manosphere”— a collection of websites, Facebook pages and chat rooms where men vent their rage and spew anti-women rhetoric.”   Since when did facebook, twitter and wordpress become the deep hidden underbelly of the internet?   You want to know the […]