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Red Pill Orgasm Review

Published August 25, 2014 in Game , Manosphere , Sex - 0 Comments

  I read this book awhile ago but I never gave it it’s own review because I had it linked through my How To Sexually Dominate A Woman post. It’s my best SEO-juiced post and probably the main reason I’m lazy with my blog because I still get affiliate income from selling Red Pill Orgasm because its […]

Red Pill Dominance Reviews

Published August 7, 2014 in Game , Manosphere , Sex - 2 Comments

I put out some copies of my book, Red Pill Dominance, for free to bloggers and my subscribers this week. Been getting a few comments back so far. The first came from a reader named Danny who gave me permission to post his email to me about his thoughts. Thanks for reading and taking the […]

The Benefits Of Having Your Spot Locked Down

Published June 19, 2014 in Game - 4 Comments

Last weekend, out with my girl and Kyle from This Is Trouble, we pre-gamed at my pad, then walked over to my local watering hole. I’ve been a regular there since they opened, know all the original bartenders, know the bouncer, never wait in line, etc. Here’s a little story of the benefits of having […]

SplooshCast 3: Tyler Vin On Open Relationships, Suiting Up And Frame Control.

Published March 22, 2014 in Fitness , Game , Open Relationships , SplooshCast - 6 Comments

I was finally able to pin down Tyler Vin long enough for a podcast. We had a blast for 47 minutes talking about our open relationships, the benefits of suiting up and how it affects frame control. 2:30 – Christian has a through guide for prepping for the night  4:13 – Differences in attraction wearing a suit […]

How To Sexually Dominate A Woman

Published February 13, 2014 in Game , Sex - 13 Comments

One of the biggest aspects of my game is dominance, I have a very strong frame and I impose my frame in every aspect of my dealings with women. Where that frame manifests the most is in the bedroom, in how I sexually dominate my women. It’s not a matter of one phrase I say, […]

Setting My Bitch Shield Lasers to Stun

Published January 2, 2014 in Game - 8 Comments

Short field report from Saturday night. Went to my backyard locals. My good friend and wing who i’ll call Handy is with me.  Normal night for us, have some drinks, talk to some girls, not much is going. Its the holiday’s and as we all know the seasonal nature of pussy I wasn’t to bummed about […]

Why I left a good woman and became a player

Published November 15, 2013 in Game , Sex - 3 Comments

Keanu left a comment on my Humpday post, asking me to elaborate of the catalyst for my breakup with my ex-gf. I started dating her again in my full blown blue pill days. We had dated as freshmen in high school, that whole first love nonsense. I had recently moved back from hawaii to be […]

I will never be a boyfriend again.

Published November 12, 2013 in Game , Masculinity , Sex - 4 Comments

Being a boyfriend involves a lot of silliness. Holding purses, going shopping, long ass phone conversations, saying things in a cute baby voice, constant validation giving, unnecessary “anniversaries” (what’s with girls obsession with having month or even week anniversaries? for fucks sake at least wait the full year you impatient bitches) gifts, celebrating valentines day, […]