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Beta of the month

Published November 11, 2013 in Beta of the month , Game , Manosphere , Masculinity - 0 Comments

This months beta story comes from my girl KSploosh. One of the girls she works with has a BOYfriend. Note the emphasis on boy. Everytime he comes in with her, he is carrying all of her makeup bags. Follows her around like a puppy dog, the whole nine.

So the story goes that beta boy bought his honey boo boo a huge ass stuffed teddy bear. She loves it so much that when she cuddles it in bed THERE ISN”T ENOUGH ROOM FOR THE BOYFRIEND. So she kicks his bitch ass outta bed. They have a fight about it. She ignores him the next day. So being the beta bitch he is what do you think he does? Let’s play a multiple choice thought exercise.

Does he?

  1. Say it’s either me or the bear bitch?
  2. Sell the bear that he bought and get her a smaller one that will fit them both?
  3. Buy her an edible arrangement and have it sent to her work?

If you picked option 3 then you’re today’s lucky winner in the beta of the month sweepstakes.


Let’s recap. Beta bitch buys a bear that takes up too much space for him to share the bed. So in return he buys her MORE SHIT THAT WON’T MAKE HER FUCK HIM.


You cannot buy your way outta doghouse gents. You can avoid the doghouse all together by not being a pussy whipped piece of Beta.

You can avoid the doghouse by not being with a bitch who would rather cuddle an inanimate object over her own boyfriend.

Lastly, you can avoid the doghouse by never being a boyfriend in the first place.

Which brings me to my next post.

Why being a boyfriend is retarded. Be her man instead.


Stay tuned it’ll be out later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Sploosh out.


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