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Be better than your ancestors

Published October 17, 2013 in Discipline , Manosphere , Masculinity , Self Improvement - 1 Comment

Last night I had an awesome talk with my grandfather. A man’s talk. One of the first I’d had with him in my 25 years. We talked about life back when he was 19, how he had 5 kids by the time he was my age. It started with talking about sales. He did sales, my dad and his brothers did sales, I’m in sales now. Talking and flirting with people is in my blood.


The catch is that I’ve taken the red pill. At one point in his life my Grandfather was a general manager for Toyota, he had 80 people working under him, getting a cut of every car they sold. Between divorcing 4 times, raising 5 kids, supporting who knows how many women and a crippling gambling addiction, he know has nothing. In a moment of introspection he admitting that it’s pathetic where he’s at right now. When he mentioned the “At your age I had 5 kids…blah blah blah” I asked him, “what would your life been like if you waited till 35 to have kids”


With zero hesitation he said “I’d have been a multimillionaire” with the utmost sincerity.  And I believe him.


My father raise 4 boys with a stay at home mom who home schooled us. I’ve had talks with him about all the hobbies he used to have, the sacrifices he made to support us and give us a good life. Once when I was around 5, we were moving out of California to Colorado. He was an massive comic book junkie back then and he sold his entire 3,000+ comic book collection to help finance the move. I asked him how much they have been worth if he kept them and he said over $10,000. Not get rich money, but it shows the cost of raising a family.


My father, and his father before him could have built empires. But instead they followed their hearts and raised families.


Me personally, I’m too selfish for kids. I enjoy my free time, my money, my freedom far too much to figuratively tied my hands behind my back with kids.


If I ever had kids, it will be when I have more money than I could possibly spend. I’ll own a massive piece of land in a foreign country where I’m free to do as I please. I’ll find 5 different women from the 5 up and coming power nations, bring them to my own mini world where I can raise the kids in a propaganda/enslavement free zone. Fuck public education. Fuck high school, college, debt, etc. I’ll raise the most complete red pill men and women the world has ever seen. When they grow up I’ll send them back to their “home” countries (thanks to the dual citizenship from their mothers) and steer them towards wealth building, power, politics and start a fucking world wide revolution.


Coming next: When I’m at the height of my power, I want the christian’s to think i’m the Anti-Christ.

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Derrick Mills - November 10, 2014 Reply

A lot of what you mentioned is what the Rothchilds did. “The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires – Full Documentary”

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