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ADD isn’t a sickness, it’s a lack of discipline

Published November 19, 2013 in Discipline , Manosphere , Masculinity , Self Improvement - 1 Comment

I won’t say that I have ADD. Rather, I’ll admit to having  shitty habits of distraction (SHD). It’s not some disorder that I need pills for. Do ADD meds work? Absolutely. You know when athletes can’t describe how or what they did that night, they were just “in the zone”. Adderall puts me in the zone for a solid 4 hours with a gradual taper over the next 4 until I stop feeling the effect.

Man, it shows me how truly effective I can be without distractions. I can see how addicting it can be. It motivates me. It sets the bar for my brain. Now the goal is to eliminate enough of the distactionns in my life to be able to reach that level sober. Or with Nootropics.

Nootropic’s are something I haven’t written about yet. I know deep down that if I don’t fix the route of the issue, my bad habits,  it won’t matter how many or which anythings I take. I’ll still have my boats. Time for me to make like Cortez and burn my escape plan. My kryptonitic habits. Is that a word?

Kryptontic? I’m baked at about a [4] right now and it sounded good coming out my noggin.

Burn the boats

Burn the boats


Either way, I’m not the guy to ask about it. Go over to PillScout and get learnt the fuck up. He knows his shit.

So back to my distractions. I’ll use this post as an example. Writing about Cortez lead me to want a picture to add. My 1 minute side journey to find the picture and link to the owner is a healthy distraction.

Normally I’d be fucking around on reddit, instead of workin. SHD.

So the key to life is taking your SHD and turning into a Habit of Discipline. Get on dat dere HD level’s.

When you need a dose of ass kicking discipline shoved down your throat, go check out Victor Pride’s 30 Day’s Of Discipline

I bought the book about 6 weeks ago. I haven’t stuck to the full 30 day’s of being strictly disciplined yet. It’s hard to change a lifetime of bad habits. But it has helped me to be more mindful of the areas I need to improve the most.

I’m looking to move into a studio on December 1st. Once I have my own space, free from distractions, I’ll be fully committed to another round of 30 days of discipline and ready to burst out of the gates come 2014.



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