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30 Days of Discipline Review

Published October 9, 2013 in Discipline , Masculinity , Self Improvement - 0 Comments

(Editors Note: This was a post from the first month of my blog. I’ve learned a lot since then and as I have now quit my 9-5, this is especially relevant to my life again.  I’ve updated and reposted it now as motivation.)

Victor Pride’s E-book  was the very first ebook I paid for.  I had been reading his site Bold & Determined but never fully dove in and bought the books. Just pussy footing around actually committing to action. Not anymore. I bought it. I read it. I’m living it. It’s time for my 30 Days Of Discipline Review.


Victor Pride is a mans man, living in a pussy whipped world. He created the life he wanted out of thin air with nothing but hard fucking work. Since I want that life to a certain extent (location independence, a body I can be proud of, free from the chains of a 9-5) I’ve taken the plunge.

It’s been 6 months since I first read 30 Days of Discipline. In that time I’ve made baby steps. I stopped living paycheck to paycheck, saved some money,  quit my job and I’m trying to make my own living now. I couldn’t have done it without Victor. This book is a literal life saver. No filler. No wasted words. Pure actionable steps to kick ass on the daily.

Now that I have 3 months living expenses I need to kick more ass than I’ve ever kicked before. I’ve busted ass in the hot desert soon for a fat mormon sonuvabitch. I can kick ass for myself from the comfort of my own home. Combining Victors 30 days of discipline with my own system to build the foundations of my empire over the next 3 months. If I don’t make it then who knows what I’ll do. That’s why I’m going to make it.

I’d say wish me luck but you and I both know that luck has absolutely nothing to do with success.

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