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30 Days of Discipline: Day 6

Fuck, it’s hard to get out of bed these days. I recently bought a new set of bed sheets. Feels like i’m sleeping on the wings of angels. So i’ve been failing on my discipline in that area.

100 push ups have been no problem. I’m not doing the squats because I ride my bike to work, about 9 miles each way and I don’t want my legs any bigger.

I’ve been on a cut the last week. Yesterday I started taking Yohimbine, which helps with appetite suppresion. For detailed information on it go here. It’s been great for me. I don’t eat breakfast and normally am starving by 11am. It’s now 12pm and i’m still able to push lunch back. It’s helped my mental clarity, I feel wide awake and a tiny bit wired. Nothing adverse at all. This is a god send.

Have some new programs coming out at my job that looks like will be a massive boost to my income. Can’t wait for that to release so I can pound the phones and get fucking paid.

Overall I’m happy with my progress but know I can and WILL push myself harder and accomplish more in the following 24 days than I ever have before.




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