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30 Days of Discipline: Day 1

Published October 11, 2013 in Discipline , Masculinity , Self Improvement - 0 Comments

It’s fucking hard to get out of bed in the morning.  Alarm goes off, in a half asleep daze I  fumble for my phone to shut it the hell up. 10 minutes later it comes back on. Rinse and repeat while do the math in my head of the last possible second I can leave without being late for work. We all do it, let’s not kid ourselves. Or should I say sheep do that. People who hate their jobs do that. Not winners, winners roll out of bed ready to dominate the day. I am a winner who moonlights as a bum. I have the desire, the drive, the skills, but when it comes to the implementation I choose procrastination. Which is exactly why I’ve committed to these 30 days.  I have too many things to do, goals to knock down, places to go and people to see, for me to be fucking around like a little boy.


This morning sucked. I went to bed way to late, snoozed to much and didn’t shower in the morning. Rationalizing in my stupid brain that i showered last night so i’m good. The whole point of cold showers is to wake you the fuck up. I’ve been taking cold showers for almost a year now so it’s nothing new to me, just lazy this morning.  Tonight I’m setting my alarm clock up across the room where I have to get out of bed to turn it off. It’s worked for me in the past but I still haven’t unpacked fully from my recent move.

One day doesn’t make or break anyone. So even though I didn’t stick completely to the plan. I was more disciplined than the day before, which is the whole point of this experiment.



I have my todo list for tomorrow, my lunch packed, my laundry dried and my body’s beat. I’ll be up bright and early ready to dominate tomorrow.



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