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21 Points to Glory for 2014

I had a few friends join me in my attempt at reaching the stars. I never even got off the ground as life happened. Same shit, 3 steps forward and 5 steps back. I’m tired of it and it’s time to stop making excuses and start busting ass again.

So Pete from ManosphereRadioKyle from thisistrouble and Robert from 30daystoX, it’s time to stick to our words. I’m calling myself out because I’ve been slacking. Let’s hold each other to this shit. Even if it’s just tweeting out your total’s each day at each other. Accountabilibuddies.

I’ve updated my list now that I have a broken wrist and have more time to think about what I need to do each day to succeed.  If you guys are still good with yours then leggo.

  1. Out of bed at 5 am.
  2. Cold Shower.
  3. Affirmations/Visualization
  4. Morning Weight
  5. Foam roll for 10.
  6. Write for 60 (10 minute free/dreams, 30 HTTYK, 20 blog draft.)
  7. Juice
  8. Supplement (creatine, vitamin D, protein.)
  9. Read for 30 on bus
  10. Build for 1 hour straight with no distractions.
  11. 5 reality checks.
  12. Post a blog.
  13. No reddit at work
  14. Work on VP job for 30
  15. Make more money than I spend.
  16. Take a progress picture.
  17. Create  a 5 step to-do list for tomorrow
  18. Have sex.
  19. No fucking yourself
  20. Foam roll
  21. Affirmations/ Visualization


I’m stoked I finally have internet in my pad. Plus having to ride the bus because of my motorcycle  crash gives me even more time to read. I finished Jack Donovan’s “The Way Of Men” in one day. Just got Aaron Cleary’s’ “Bachelor Pad Economics” can’t wait to let you guys know my thoughts on them.


Sploosh out.


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