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21 Points To Glory: May 28th

Published May 29, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 4 Comments

Been dealing with a cold/chest congestion the last 3 days and been mostly just laying in bed and reading twitter and all the shenanigans going on. Hilarious yet heartbreaking at the same time.


Points for the day: 8

Notes:  Being sick is no excuse. Tomorrow will be better. I’m considering getting rid of my cell phone service. Everyone I need to stay in touch with can be reach over skype, email or in person. So i’ll decide on that this weekend.

I went to the library and read Animal Farm in 1 sitting. I was looking to find 1984 based off my twitter rant I went on this morning. It wasn’t there so I read the farm instead. Great book that is especially relevant today.

Also considering making the jump into writing fiction stories. Thinking about making a pen name and putting out some short ish E-book novellas. We’ll see.

June is my make or break month. Can’t wait to see what happens.




Trouble - May 29, 2014 Reply

Dude, what’s the status on your first ebook? Trying to give you an honest assessment here man, but I see tons of posts about how you’re a hypocrite and procrastinate, but not a lot of product being put out – instead, just more of those posts. Now you want to deviate from what has been your plan for the last month or so and write fiction?

I don’t want to see you have to return to work – it’s good to be a villain, so what’s the deal?

    Jsploosh - May 29, 2014 Reply

    Ya I know the production hasn’t been evident. that’s why I put up this short little blurb. Before i’d be embarrassed about not being productive and just not post anything. because 8 points is pathetic in all honesty. But not anymore.

    The first e-book is coming along slowly but surely. I actually have 3 different ones i’ve started and stalled on so I’m turning all my focus towards one and getting it out within 2 weeks hopefully. I’m not abandoning the plan. Just considering my options and what sells.

    Thanks for the head check.

      Trouble - May 29, 2014 Reply

      ‘Atta boy. I was going through the same problem as you recently. I was working on TPV, another new website, my travel memoir, and trying to write another ebook on top of that. While of course, updating my regular blog five times a week. Simpy not possible.

      I buckled down, shifted all focus to the memoir. Finished it in two days. Now I’ve got a full new framework up on my project site with a few articles ready to go. All my focus goes into that, and of course, our project…July is coming!

        Jsploosh - May 29, 2014 Reply

        July is coming….

        I dig it. Fuck winter hahahahah

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