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21 Points To Glory: June 2nd

Published June 3, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 1 Comment

Damn I was tired as shit yesterday. Stayed in bed till after 11. Took me a while to wake up after that, but I was still able to turn it into a productive day. There was a point around 1 when I was messing around online, feeling sorry for myself that I was on the path to a wasted day. I just sucked it up and forced myself to write. Got 1 full article done for my side project, made a silly youtube video, I tweeted it but if you don’t have twitter than you can watch it here. The basic concept behind my just started youtube channel is going to be attempting to bring some red pill truths to a wider audience by mixing (hopefully) humor with the red pill. It seems that’s is the only way to get people to swallow it these days. Since I’m a natural goofball anyway, it’ll be a fun little experiment. And all it takes to be a success in my eyes is one person starting to think about things in a different light.

Scored 15 points. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a big day.

  1. Get out of bed when I wake up.  0
  2. 5 pull ups. 1
  3. Cold Shower. 1
  4.  Write for 15 minutes. 1
  5. Hit the Gym.  1
  6. Take a Walk. 1
  7. Take My Stack.  0
  8. Track Everything. 1
  9. Progress Picture. 1
  10. Affirmations. 0
  11. Reality Checks. 1
  12. Make 1 Approach. 0
  13. Write 4 main goals for tomorrow to be completed by 11am. 1
  14. Work 2 hours on pure income production ventures. 1
  15. Fuck. 1
  16. Meditate. 0
  17. Write 2 Jokes. 1
  18. Read for 30 minutes. 1
  19. Reach out to someone on a higher level than I now am. 0
  20. 15 Minutes of Direct Sunlight. 1
  21. Read this list. 1