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21 Points To Glory: Freedom Edition

Published April 4, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 15 Comments

Now that all my time is my own and I’ve forged my freedom from my wage slavery, I figure it’s time to make a new list of 21 daily actions that when done consistently on a long enough time line will bring me everything that I dream of.

You can see my original attempt here

The revisions for 2014 here.

As you can see, I’m not the best at sticking to my own plans. Which is why i’m redoing them to best set myself up for success.

21 Points To Glory: Freedom Edition

    1. Get out of bed when I wake up.  I don’t care about the actual time because I hate alarm clocks. But when my body first wakes up is when I need to be out of bed. None of this “oh I’ll just go back to sleep for 30 more minutes”.  It never helps and always ruins my day and I KNOW THIS.
    2. 5 pull upsI still can’t fully do pushing exercises because of my wrist but I can pull. So this will be enough to get the blood flowing and wake my ass up.
    3. Cold Shower. None of this start it hot and go cold for the last 30 seconds weaksauce that I’ve been allowing myself to do.  Full cold for the entire shower.
    4.  Write for 15 minutes. Previously I had set too lofty of goals. Time to be realistic. If I can make the habit of just 15 minutes daily, I’ll eventually just start extending it. Once I get in the zone I’m good to go, it’s a matter of getting the first 100 words out.  Doesn’t matter what I write, be it dreams from the night, a chapter of my book, a draft of a blog post, anything.
    5. Hit the Gym. I’m trying to cut down to sub 8% bf. So I’ll be in the gym every day for a while.  Every day will start with foam rolling and end with a sauna/steamroom session. In between I’ll either be lifting or doing cardio.
    6. Take a Walk. I love walks. My neighborhood is awesome, I have great weather.  It clears my head and I’ll prolly record a quick 3 minute video every time as well. Plus look at your brain after a walk. I’m no scientist but that looks impressive.brain
    7. Take My Stack. Currently I’m taking a modified ECA stack with Yohimbine HCLCaffeine and L-Tyrosine thanks to the recommendation from Danger and Play.
    8. Track Everything. Morning weight, lifts, calories, productivity, etc.
    9. Progress Picture. I have until 4/20 to try to beat Tyler and Keanu at our little shredded by summer challenge.
    10. Affirmations. Telling myself how awesome I am so that I can act as awesome as I can. Strange right. It works. 
    11. Reality Checks. I strongly believe that controlling your dreams can unlock infinite possibilities to knowing your inner self.  I’ll aim for 5 per day.
    12. Make 1 Approach. Ya Kaitlyn lives with me now. But that isn’t an excuse to let my game slip. 
    13. Write 4 main goals for tomorrow to be completed by 11am. This will be done before I go to bed. On top of the every day 21 actions, these will be non daily actions that need taking care of. 
    14. Work 2 hours on pure income production ventures. I have a few different projects that I hope to turn into my future income streams. Build them brick by fucking brick. 
    15. Fuck. I believe any daily action plan has to include the good ol P in V. 
    16. Meditate. Probably the biggest thing I’m missing from my life right now and the one I keep telling myself to do. Gotta make this a habit.
    17. Write 2 Jokes. Whether I bomb or not, I want to try some stand up comedy. Seems the only way you can spit red pill truths today without getting shit on. 
    18. Read for 30 minutes. Non internet reading. Ebooks or physical books only. 
    19. Reach out to someone on a higher level than I now am. The worst they could say is no. Can never have too many mentors. 
    20. 15 Minutes of Direct Sunlight. Vitamin D baby.
    21. Read this list. No point in writing it all down just to forget all about it tomorrow. I need to stick with it this time. 


There you have it. 21 things that I enjoy doing. Laid out in a clear and concise way so that I can’t help but build momentum for my snowball of success.

I’ve been wishy-washy in the past. So I’m asking for help my friends. Call me out if I’m slacking. Hit me up on twitter if my blog is empty for a week again like it was this last week.

Other than that. I’m going to go smoke a bowl and hit up my jacuzzi.

Sploosh out.




21 Points To Glory: Freedom Edition | - April 4, 2014 Reply

[…] 21 Points To Glory: Freedom Edition […]

Von Munchausen (@Von__Munchausen) - April 4, 2014 Reply

Great post, I see that you managed to write it up again after you lost part of it.
It’s interesting to see where your priorities change between the different updates to this.
And I have a feeling that the 15 minutes is regularly going to turn into an hour or more. I know it always seems to when I tell myself to write for that long.

    Jsploosh - April 4, 2014 Reply

    That’s the plan. Before I said I’d write for an hour and procrastinate like a mother fucker. 15 minutes is easy and I can keep going if I’m in a groove.

    I actually didn’t have to rewrite it, I just ctrl+shift+t to reopen my closed tabs and got it back that way. Did have to make a bunch of font adjustments once it went live tho.

Jimmy - April 4, 2014 Reply

Great post and reminders. That being said, Quit using the fucking word prolly. You aren’t a 17 year old female.

    Jsploosh - April 4, 2014 Reply

    I’m not ? Damn I always get confused on my age and gender. Check your privilege cis scum!

Keanu - April 4, 2014 Reply

Heading to the gym right now myself.

September of last year I was between jobs for about a month, and I was able to make going to the gym and eating a shitton my #1 priority of the day. Thats when I got the biggest I’ve ever been.

The temptation comes in to just get fucked up every night…but it doesn’t bode well for lifting.

    Jsploosh - April 4, 2014 Reply

    Nice I’m just leaving the gym. Been a productive day for only 9 am.

Kimber - April 7, 2014 Reply

Great list brutha. Hope that wrist heals well. What are your affirmations? How’d you come up with them, do you say them out loud? I’m gonna start doing this and I have my own method but I’m curious as to what you do.
Also how’s living with ksploosh? Not finding that she’s cramping your style at all?

    Jsploosh - April 8, 2014 Reply

    My affirmations are just my own manta of what I want to accomplish each day. Saying them out loud is best.

    No Kait doesn’t cramp my style. Maybe I’ll work on a post going into more details on my decision making process and how she earned her spot in my life.

Red Pill Review Aggregator Updates - Thumotic - April 7, 2014 Reply

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dcl - April 16, 2014 Reply

Cool article.
I really like this list.
Fairly simple and not too demanding.
Thanks for sharing. -dcl

TroubleMaker - April 18, 2014 Reply

I’m re-writing mine now. Are you sticking to this?

Rust Newman - May 19, 2014 Reply

Awesome list!

I’m working on my own right now. Quick question: Can you expand on what #11 is – Reality Checks?

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Shopz - December 10, 2014 Reply

Hey man, really liking this blog. Found it after I was researching how to effectively dominate a woman since I’m hooking up with a girl that “loves” it. I was just wondering when you began having the mindset you have now. Was it just natural to you or did you have to work for it? Because right now this all seems very unnatural to me and it makes me even a little anxious. Is this a sign at all that I’m not cut out for it or I’m just a big puss that’s scared of taking control?

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