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21 Points: Day 1

Published December 3, 2013 in 21 Points to Glory - 4 Comments

I know I wrote about the 21 points on Friday.  But it being the holiday weekend and all, I took saturday and sunday easy. Unwinding from the feasting and drinking and preparing for the work week.

So here I am ready to start kicking ass and taking names. I will be posting every day the point totals from my self improvement mission. My successes, my failures, on display for the world to see. Fuck it we’ll do it live. 

I made a template so I can just copy and paste it each day, add up my score and post it on here for you guys to judge me. I’ve also modified the list a bit. Instead of meeting someone new and making them smile, i’ve decided to do 5 reality checks to practice for lucid dreaming. I’m also realizing that this is going to have to be an end of the night post. Since I can’t give myself points until I’ve made it through the day. So I’ll be updating it as I go and posting at the end of every day.


Here goes nothing.

21 points to glory. 

  1. Out of bed at 6 am. 0 – didn’t get out of bed till 8.
  2. 2 sets of push-ups to failure. + 1 (also did my standing curl press)
  3. Cold Shower. +1
  4. Write for one hour. 0
  5. Read for 30 minutes. 0
  6. Build for 1 hour. +1
  7. Track With MyFitnessPal. +1
  8. Take my supplements. +1
  9. No fucking yourself. +1
  10. Have sex. +1 
  11. 5 Reality checks for lucid dreaming. 0
  12. Post a blog. +1 
  13. Make more money than I spend. +1, didn’t spend a dime today. 
  14. No Alcohol Or Tobacco. +1 
  15. No wasting time online when I should be working 0
  16. Send a ping text to plates. +1
  17. Weigh myself morning and night. +1 205 this morning. 202 at night
  18. Take a progress picture. +1
  19. Create  a 5 step to-do list the night before and execute the next day. (tomorrows list – Juice in the morning for lunch at work, 50 calls at work, motorcycle out of shop, gym,  Finish a draft from my post’s list) +1
  20. Juice the night before for lunch at work tomorrow. +1 
  21. Score more points than yesterday. 0


Total for the Day: 15 points.

Not bad for my first attempt. Now it’s just a matter of improving bit by bit every single day. Fuck excuses. Be a boss.


Sploosh out.


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