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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Benefits Of Having Your Spot Locked Down

Published June 19, 2014 in Game - 4 Comments

Last weekend, out with my girl and Kyle from This Is Trouble, we pre-gamed at my pad, then walked over to my local watering hole. I’ve been a regular there since they opened, know all the original bartenders, know the bouncer, never wait in line, etc. Here’s a little story of the benefits of having […]

Stare At The Sun

Published June 13, 2014 in Positivity , Ramblings - 10 Comments
Stare At The Sun

Don’t stare at the sun, you’ll go blind, some say. Stare at the sun for energy others say.   I had to try for myself. Using my blind spot and sunglasses and I stared at the sun today. Focusing my point of vision past the sun, and I saw two suns. Instantly the thoughts  rushed through me. […]

21 Points To Glory: June 5th

Published June 7, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 1 Comment

17 points today. Maintaining my momentum. Ramping up to a very productive weekend. Can’t fucking wait. Get out of bed when I wake up.  1 5 pull ups. 1 Cold Shower. 1  Write for 15 minutes. 1 Hit the Gym. 1 Take a Walk. 1 Take My Stack.  1 Track Everything. 1 Progress Picture. 1 Affirmations. 1 […]

21 Points To Glory: June 4th

Published June 5, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 1 Comment

17 points today. I’m the soreness from squatting on monday is finally hitting me. Time to rest up I have a big day planned tomorrow. If you didn’t already, go check out my podcast with Robert from 30 Days To X on making money online, freelancing, fitness and more. Get out of bed when I wake […]

Podcast With 30 Days To X

Published June 4, 2014 in SplooshCast - 2 Comments

Rebooting my podcast that I neglected for a few months. June and July are my make or break months on my path to freedom. To kick it off I recorded a podcast with 30 Day’s To X ‘s Robert Koch to find out what worked for him on his path to working for himself. We asked twitter for […]

21 Points To Glory: June 3rd

Published June 4, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 1 Comment

Right now it’s 7:40 pst. I’ve scored 20 points today so far. The momentum is building. I’m heading out for a bit to see some old friends and make my 1 approach for the day to bring me my first perfect game. I first made this list in DECEMBER and i finally broke through to the top […]

Should Obama Be Impeached?

Published June 3, 2014 in Ramblings - 1 Comment

In a sane democracy, one where it’s citizens actually have any sort of say in the goings on of our “elected” officials, Obama would have been impeached months ago. But this should be the last straw. We impeached Clinton for the small act of getting a blowie in the oval office. But Obama? he can […]

21 Points To Glory: June 2nd

Published June 3, 2014 in 21 Points to Glory - 1 Comment

Damn I was tired as shit yesterday. Stayed in bed till after 11. Took me a while to wake up after that, but I was still able to turn it into a productive day. There was a point around 1 when I was messing around online, feeling sorry for myself that I was on the […]

The World Can’t Be Saved

Published June 3, 2014 in Positivity - 1 Comment

But a person can. Collectively the powers that be have formed a vice grip on the worlds supply of money, education, information and laws by controlling the banks, the schools, the courts and the media. But they forgot about us. Yes you and me. The may be in control of the system. But you and […]